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  • Budget Wisely

    Budget Wisely

    It's never too early to start planning for your future! Some people work well under time-restrictions, but when it comes to important, life-changing decisions, it is always wise to plan as far ahead as possible. There are a number of adventures to embark on, and we want to make sure you budget your time and money wisely to ensure an organized and pleasant road to marriage! Here is your road map to...

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  • Heartwarming Heirlooms

    Heartwarming Heirlooms

    Heirlooms Wedding Rings An Heirloom ring is one that is treasured through each generation it is passed down. As part of a family's history, it is sentimental and inspirational. Many of our couples have had wedding rings passed down to them by their parents, grandparents, or relatives. As a blessing of the marriage, they are presented with either wedding bands or an engagement ring to give to the...

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  • Understanding diamond grading

    Understanding diamond grading

    The My Trio Rings Certificate of Authenticity Every ring comes with a My Trio Rings certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its gold purity and diamond qualities. This document provides tangible and specific verification that a diamond ring is exactly as advertised, giving you peace of mind when making an important purchase.GIA Certificate for Higher-Grade Di...

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