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  • How to Shop Online for Budget Wedding Rings this Thanksgiving

    The holiday season is officially here! Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks – which means you'll soon be able to take advantage of fantastic Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. If you're planning a romantic holiday proposal or a last-minute holiday wedding, this is the perfect time of year to shop for stunning engagement rings, wedding bands or matching trio ring sets.

    Savvy shoppers do their homework for such a big and important purchase. We already shared a list of expert tips for in-store holiday ring shopping – now here are our recommendations on how to get the best value when you buy rings online. Make an educated decision, and save thousands of dollars!


    Tips for Online Ring Buying This Thanksgiving

    • Get a second (and third! and fourth!) opinion. Don't take the retailer's word for it; read reviews that reveal what real couples have to say. Browse updates from social media and the news.
    • Clarify the important stuff. Does the website clearly show pricing and delivery dates under the add to cart, and checkout steps? (At My Trio Rings everyone gets the best price up front)
    • Prioritize security. Look for SSL certificates or signs of encryption to ensure your payment information remains safe. (My Trio Rings uses SSL encryption & Visa Owned Authorize.net for payment processing)

    Have questions? Click the red chat button on the bottom right of your screen and say hello!

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  • How to Shop In-Store for Budget Wedding Rings this Thanksgiving

    It’s that time of year again. Food, family, football and Black Friday frenzy are around the corner! There's so much to love about Thanksgiving, and it's coming up fast.

    If you’re planning on making an important purchase for a certain big milestone this Thanksgiving (ahem, romantic proposal or wedding), now is is an excellent time to take advantage of holiday sales even if the event is in the coming months! Many jewelry stores will be holding Thanksgiving weekend specials on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so you could find gorgeous matchign his and hers trio ring sets or engagement rings on sale for a fraction of their normal price.


    To get the best deal this Thanksgiving weekend, it's smart to do your homework before you hit the stores and start your ring buying quest. With four generations of expertise in this industry, we've had some time to take notes and develop a few expert tips for holiday ring shopping. After you've had a chance to browse through stores to get a feeling for what you like, head on over to our online buying checklist to learn how modern couples are saving thousands by buying risk free online!

    • Compare apples to apples. If you're comparing prices, be sure that the color and clarity of the diamonds are the same. There's a big difference in the look between an I1 and I3! Email us a link of any rings and we will help you compare any styles you're interested in, even if they're not our rings
    • Don't get the credit card. You've likely read about in-store financing program's predatory credit card rates - ask for layaway plans to lock in the price instead!
    • Get the real deal. Authenticity is everything when you're shopping for diamond engagement and wedding rings. Some stores sell all types of jewelry, so make sure they clarify the differences between their lab-made and natural diamonds.
    • Know the policies inside and out. When you are buying during holiday sales, it's especially important to understand all the terms. Be aware of returns and warranty policy terms, if those are not stated clearly on the store's website or your receipt.
    • Get the expertise you deserve. Ask questions to make sure your sales rep has your best interests at heart, and isn't just pushing a style on you to get a commission during the holiday. What's his or her background or where did they get trained? Don't be shy about asking for credentials as you make an important purchase.
    • Be wary of deceptive pricing. As consumers we love seeing slashed price tags, but don't let that fool you into spending more. Jewelry retailers advertise big discounts but keep in mind that these reduced prices are based off of very high markups. Negotiate accordingly

    Have questions? Click the red chat button on the bottom right of your screen and say hello!

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  • How My Trio Rings Designed the Full Brilliance Collection

    We believe you should never have to sacrifice style for size – which is why My Trio Rings released the first ever plus size Full Brilliance collection which is curated specifically for ring sizes 11 and up!

    While other jewelers will just stretch existing rings to offer them in larger sizes, we design them from scratch to have a perfect look and fit. Whether you’re looking for size 12 women’s engagement rings or size 15 rings for men, you’ll find your match in the Full Brilliance collection.

    “It’s so difficult to find rings in a jewelry store if you’re above a women’s size 7,” said Ally Davis, Senior Jewelry Merchandiser. “People are being forced to fit into a standard that’s not at all reflective of real couples – size 7 is not really today’s average size. There is no one standard, ideal size; we’re changing the norm, and making beautiful wedding rings for real people.”

    At standard jewelry stores, couples looking for plus size rings usually can’t browse and order directly from the showroom. They must have rings custom-made, resulting in higher "custom" price tags and long order crafting times. For these custom orders, jewelers often build a new half-shank (the bottom half of the ring), which can cause major structural issues, like diamonds that are not properly set.

    “Our rings are significantly better in quality and appearance than those that are resized,” said Vipul Lakhi, Founder and CEO of My Trio Rings. “The diamonds are perfectly placed, and the band is never misshaped from being stretched.”

    Our Design Criteria

    Working directly with crafting floors and CAD jewelery designers, My Trio Rings curates each ring in the Full Brilliance collection to have the following design attributes:

    Extra Sparkle
    When wedding and engagement rings are sized up, they often lose the original “wow factor” because they don’t have the right ratio of diamonds to gold.  If a ring design calls for diamonds all the way across the top of the band, we add more stones to make sure the look stays the same, no matter what the size.

    All Full Brilliance rings are substantial in weight, and offer a minimum width of 3 mm all around the band. A ring that is too thin causes weakness in the gold, and can lead to structural damage.

    For plus size engagement rings and wedding rings with a scoop fit – a hollow gap on the interior surface – we reinforce with a gallery of additional gold. This technique strengthens rings in wider sizes, and creates a smooth and comfortable fit.

    Summer 2017 marks the collections official launch and more styles will be added in shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of new releases and to learn more about our Full Brilliance collection and how it continues to innovate!

    View More about the Full Brilliance Collection

  • How Are Rings Resized?

    You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit… in a partner, or in a ring! Engagement and matching wedding rings that are too tight are uncomfortable and hard to slip on and off; rings that are too loose move around on your finger and are in danger of getting lost. The ideal fit is snug and secure, without digging into your skin.


    It’s common to get your new rings resized so they fit you just right. My Trio Rings offers an easy and affordable ring resizing service; simply send us the rings you purchased at My Trio Rings, and we’ll quickly resize them and send them back via insured mail. The cost is $30 for one ring, $55 for two rings or $75 for a wedding trio set.

    But what kind of magic do we perform when you send us your rings to resize? Let’s take a closer look at how we adjust the size of rings – while maintaining their beautiful shape and style.

    How to Make Rings Bigger

    Ring fit – the shape of a ring’s interior surface – is available in a few different styles. But while some have sections that are curved or concave, all My Trio Rings feature a flat interior surface. This is the section we can alter to make rings larger or smaller.

    To size a ring up, we first measure the ring and the piece of gold we need to add – determining how many millimeters will achieve the correct new size. We then cut the ring on the flat interior surface and, using high heat, solder it back together with the added piece of gold.

    The resulting ring is now the correct size, but it is not yet the rounded shape we want. We place the ring on a sizing stick and gently hammer it down to reshape it and round out the edges, making it into a perfect circle again (you shouldn’t be able to see a line where the cut was made). After that, we file down any remaining rough edges and check all prongs or channels to make sure diamonds are tight. Then we add polish and rhodium, and the ring is all ready to send back.

    How to Make Rings Smaller

    The process for sizing a ring down is identical, except we must measure how much of the gold we need to remove, marking it on the band. We cut this section out, fusing the gold back together with heat in the same way, and proceeding with the reshaping and polishing steps.

    How Much Can You Resize a Ring?

    Every ring is different, and its design and style will determine how much it can be resized. For many rings, sizing up or down by a quarter- or half-size is possible (and some may even support a full size). But if a ring features a lot of diamonds or has an unusual band design, it becomes more challenging to resize dramatically.

    Learn more about our ring resizing service

  • Should You Change Your Name?

    A few generations ago, women were expected to change their last names after getting married. Until the 1970s, some states even required women to use their husbands’ names to vote, get a driver’s license or do banking. But times have changed, and modern couples can decide for themselves how they want to navigate the name-change question.


    To Change or Not?

    There’s no universal right or wrong decision. Some same-sex and straight couples keep their current names. Some hyphenate or combine both last names to create a shared new one. And some women or men decide to take their spouse’s name. Since it’s often an emotionally loaded topic, it’s important to think through your personal preferences and discuss them with your partner in advance. You may find that you both feel strongly about it and have to work through a compromise. Or you may learn that it’s not really a big deal to your partner either way.

    By the Numbers

    Around 20% of women married in recent years have decided to keep their names, according to a Google Consumer Survey conducted by The Upshot. And another 10% chose an alternative option, such as hyphenating their name. Since gay marriage has only been legal nationwide since 2015, there is not yet much data on the trends for same-sex couples.

    For Your Consideration

    If you’re not sure if you want to change your name or not, start by asking yourself open-ended questions. Pay attention to any gut reactions you have, and talk about your perspective with your future spouse.

    Questions to get you started:

    • What feelings do you have when you think about changing or keeping your name? What do you want to do?
    • How does your name influence your identity? Does changing your name affect this?
    • What factors (personal, political, historical, religious, etc.) are important for you in this decision?
    • If you and your partner want to have children some day, what last name do you want them to have? Is it important for you all to have the same name?
    • Are there any professional or financial concerns you have about changing your name?

    Choices, Choices

    Here are a few naming options to explore:

    • Keep your name
    • Take your spouse’s name, or have your spouse take yours
    • Take your spouse’s name, and use your last name a middle name
    • Hyphenate your two last names
    • Merge your two last names into one
    • Pick a completely new last name

    Ultimately there is no one right answer to this question. You and your partner may have differing opinions on this topic, but the most important thing is to give each other the ability and space to share your feelings, and to make a decision based on what you both value together.


  • Cultural Differences: Wearing Bridal Rings on the Left or the Right Hand

  • Quiz: What's Your Dream Engagement Ring?


  • Best Places to Propose in Miami

    From Little Havana to South Beach, Miami is full of life and culture. No matter what type of romantic experience your sweetheart would enjoy, you'll find it here. Pick out a trio ring set and choose where you'll propose.


    On the Town 


    Tonight's the night you ask her to marry you, so give her an evening she'll never forget. At Catharsis in Little Havana, enjoy Latin and Italian dishes and a romantic ambience, with sconces glowing on whitewashed walls. On Saturdays, enjoy live music. If your lady is the adventurous type, keep your eyes out for one of the "Dining in the Dark" events and make a reservation for a dinner that you eat while blindfolded. 

    Miami is famous for its lively bars and dance clubs. Magnum Lounge takes the energy level down a few notches, creating a softly lit atmosphere. The European style piano bar has the velvet decor of an old-world cabaret, and the outdoor shack bar serves excellent cocktails.  

    In a Beautiful Garden


    Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is the perfect place for a nature-lover. Wind through a two-acre rainforest lush with orchids, palm trees, and waterfalls. Visit the Fairchild Arboretum, which is filled with more than 700 species of tropical flowering trees, as well as gorgeously colorful tropical flowering vines. For a creative proposal, take a walk through the butterfly garden and get down on one knee as butterflies flutter around you and your bride-to-be. 

    Vizcaya Museum & Gardens was built in the Jazz Age of the early 1900s to be the winter residence of a wealthy American industrialist. It was designed to look like an Italian estate, with surrounding gardens that took seven years to perfect. Enjoy admiring the expensive antiques and furnishings in the 34 decorated rooms. Then enjoy a walk around the lovely gardens and present her with a ring as breathtaking as the backdrop.

    On the Water

    South Beach is known for its calm, clear blue waters and soft white sand. It's about two miles long, bordered by a boardwalk, perfect for a sunset stroll. If you'd like to plan an extra creative proposal, consider hiring a company like Team Sandtastic to create a sand sculpture that incorporates "Will you marry me?"

    South Pointe Park on Miami Beach, set on the outlet of the port of Miami, is a lovely place for a picnic on the shore. If your lady loves the water, take her on an adventure on the deep blue sea. Plan a sunset cruise with a company like Play Time Water Sports, where you can reserve a cozy spot on a catamaran and enjoy an open bar and snacks.

    Or go for simple elegance like real-life couple Brian and Nicole. The pair, sweethearts since their freshman year at Kent State University, knew they were meant to be together. Nicole loves the beach, so Brian planned a romantic vacation to Miami with the plan of proposing on the shore. As they were walking on the beach, he dropped to one knee and asked Nicole to marry him with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring.





    Proposal pictures and story sponsored by Paparazzi Proposals

    When booking, enter code mytriorings$100 to receive $25 off the standard proposal photography package and $75 off a photo voucher for prints.

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  • Lifetime Jewelry Warranties: What's the Catch?

    At first glance, having a lifetime warranty on your his and hers wedding bands sounds like a great idea. It promises to give you peace of mind, knowing that your precious rings are protected for life against damage.

    But when you look more closely at these lifetime jewelry warranties (also called extended service plans, protection plans, etc.), they aren’t as clear or reassuring. Once you read the fine print, what do these plans actually offer?


    Kay & Jared

    Extended Service Plan

    Kay Jewelers and Jared The Galleria of Jewelry are owned by the same parent company, Signet Jewelers Limited, and offer extended service plans with nearly identical language. (Zales is also a Signet company, but its plan has slightly different wording – more on that below.)

    Kay and Jared’s extended service plan advertises that “with one payment, you get coverage for your jewelry for its lifetime.”

    If you want to protect your his and hers wedding bands, you pay a one-time fee (based on the cost of your rings) with no deductible, and have access to a repair plan. This “only covers wear during normal wear and use of the merchandise,” and includes labor and parts to maintain jewelry in usable condition. Some of the services included in the extended service plan are:

    • Ring sizing
    • Prong retipping
    • Prong replacement
    • Head replacement
    • Diamond or color stone tightening
    • Chain soldering
    • Clasp replacement

    Kay and Jared make it clear that this plan covers only repairs, not replacements. The extended service plan does not cover:

    • Replacing diamonds or gemstones
    • Repairing or replacing materials “resulting from excessive or abusive treatment of the merchandise other than normal wear and tear”
    • Loss, theft or damage resulting from “loss, theft, misuse, abuse or Act of God”

    For the extended service plan to be valid, you must maintain any requirements detailed in warranties or guarantees. Unauthorized repairs or service (for example, from a vendor that’s not Kay or Jared, or not authorized by the company) can void the plan’s coverage.

    This plan only offers to make adjustments or repairs that fall into the “normal wear and tear” category – and what that means still seems to be open to interpretation.

    Lifetime Diamond & Color Gemstone Guarantee


    Kay and Jared also have a separate plan, the Lifetime Diamond & Color Gemstone Guarantee. It covers repairs or replacements for jewelry mounting for the first 12 months. It also covers the lifetime replacement of a diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire if it “chips, breaks, or is lost from its original setting during normal wear.” This guarantee is only valid if you bring in your jewelry to a Kay or Jared store for inspection every six months, for life. A recent BuzzFeed story highlighted some couples’ negative experiences with the extended service plan and the diamond and gemstone guarantee. 

    Zales Lifetime Service Program 

    The Zales Lifetime Jewelry Protection Plan covers repairs “under normal conditions for the lifetime of your jewelry,” including:

    • Prong or mounting repairs
    • Resizing
    • Refinishing
    • Polishing
    • Stone tightening
    • Replacing lost or chipped gemstones and diamonds

    It does not cover “theft, mysterious disappearance, loss or damage other than that incurred in normal wear.”

    The Zales Lifetime Diamond Commitment will replace chipped, lost or broken diamonds from the original setting; it also requires semiannual inspections at a Zales store, or the plan is voided.

    What this means for you: 

    If a lifetime guarantee sounds too good to be true, it probably is. It’s important to read the fine print to make sure the service plan you’re buying really covers what you need it to. How will it protect your his and hers wedding bands? Will it cover all standard repairs? Will it replace missing diamonds? Will it insist on mandatory inspections twice a year?

    The My Trio Rings Extended Service Plan


    My Trio Rings has a straightforward extended service plan with excellent, easy-to-understand coverage. It’s valid for five years and completely on your schedule. You’re entitled to send your rings in once a year, but you’re not required to (miss a year, and you’re still covered for the full five years). The plan includes:

    • Resizing within two ring sizes
    • Rhodium polishing for gold
    • Steam and ultra-sonic cleaning
    • Updated engraving
    • Prong re-tipping
    • Stone tightening
    • Missing diamonds replacement (up to 1/5 carat, not including accidental damage)

    There’s no hidden catch – just reliable protection at an affordable price.


  • Where to Propose in Kansas City

    Kansas City, a metropolitan area on the border of Kansas and Missouri, is known for its barbecue and jazz. It's a favorite destination for hip budget travelers, often ranking on lists like Travel + Leisure's "Most Affordable Getaways" "Best Cities for Foodies."


    And while it's not expensive to explore Kansas City, it offers plenty when it comes to romance. Here are a few of the best places to propose in Kansas City:

    In an Elegant Restaurant

    When one Yelp reviewer posted a question asking her peers for a romantic restaurant recommendation in Kansas City, nearly every reply that she received said, "Le Fou Frog." It's authentically French in the food and the experience, where dinner can stretch out leisurely over a period of hours. The charming waiters will periodically stroll through the restaurant and enthusiastically serenade diners with Broadway show tunes. If asked in advance, they may even sing your sweetheart's favorite song to her and set the stage for you to present her a sparkling diamond engagement ring. Now that's a creative proposal idea!


    For New American food, try the popular Bluestem Restaurant. Choose a meal of three, five, or ten (!) courses, and splurge on the wine pairings for your special occasion. A typical dish is diver sea scallop with sweet potato, brussels sprouts, bacon, maple gel, and pretzel salt. It's creative, fresh, and memorable. Diners describe the ambience of this restaurant as cozy, like a large living room, with couches and armchairs pulled up to the tables and dozens of mirrors lining the walls. Make a reservation to ensure that you get a seat.

    At a Beautiful Fountain

    Kansas City is called "The City of Fountains" because the number of fountains within its limits is second only to Rome. Here's a creative proposal idea: Stop at a fountain to make a wish with your sweetie, then to get down on one knee with a diamond engagement ring and tell her that you wished to spend the rest of your life with her.


    Take a look at Kansas City's fountains and choose one that your lady would love. The JC Nichols Memorial Fountain features high arches of water and sculptures of rearing horses, and it's breathtaking when it lights up at night. Behind it sits the Girada Bell Tower, a replica of the Cathedral of Seville in Spain. The Diana Fountain depicts the Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon surrounded by cherubs. It sits in front of one of the largest manmade waterfalls and is encircled by flowers in the spring.

    In a Lovely Garden

    If your bride-to-be loves the outdoors, take her to one of Kansas City's gardens. Powell Gardens is just outside of Kansas City, in Kingsville, MO, and it will not disappoint. It's open year-round and features a meadow full of wildflowers, a rock and waterfall garden, and a lake full of lily pads. Check the calendar before you plan your visit for events like the summer butterfly festival and cooking demonstrations by local chefs. Cafe Thyme is a wonderful place to eat fresh salads and sandwiches made from produce grown onsite. 

    Loose Park Rose Garden is stunning when its flowers are blooming. Take your lady for a walk under the trellis-covered walkways and stop in front of the lovely fountain - you'll feel like you're royalty taking a stroll around your chateau. Find a peaceful moment and pop the question in front of the fountain like Robert did with his sweetheart, Kristi. 




    Proposal pictures and story sponsored by Paparazzi Proposals

    When booking, enter code mytriorings$100 to receive $25 off the standard proposal photography package and $75 off a photo voucher for prints.

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    Image credit: Flickr/seatbelt67

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