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  • Today Diamond Industry

    Today Diamond Industry

    Diamond Rarity Are diamonds rare? This common question by consumers has a complex answer that’s often oversimplified by the media. Below we’ll explain which diamonds are rare and address this misconception!On one hand, approximately 133 million carats of new diamonds are mined every year. So while you aren’t likely to stumble across a diamond in your backyard, there is still a relat...

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  • The 4cs

    The 4cs

    The 4's C's of diamond classification are: color, carat weight, clarity, and cut. Together, the 4 C's determine a diamond's cost and value. It's essential to understand the 4 C's because each C speaks differently to your individual preferences and budget. The 4 C's will help you understand the value of your purchase so you can get the most out of your budget. Using our four generations of exp...

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  • Ring fit types

    Ring fit types

    You’ll wear your wedding rings every day for many years to come, so it’s important to understand the different ring fit types offered by jewelers. Wedding ring fit refers to the shape of a ring’s interior surface; some are flat or curved, and some are solid or concave. My Trio Rings offers four different ring fit types: standard, comfort, gallery and Concave.Concave Fit - $ Concav...

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  • Platinum jewelry

    Platinum jewelry

    Platinum is a strong precious metal that is used to make high-end jewelry. Platinum may be similar in appearance to white gold, but it has different characteristics which we will cover below!Appearance Platinum has a natural silver-white appearance that complements the brilliance of diamonds. While platinum’s shiny finish may dull over time but it does not fade to a yellowish color and re...

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  • Gold overview

    Gold overview

    Gold is a metal mined from the earth that has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years. Gold’s malleability (how easily it can be shaped and molded) and its rarity (how unusual it is to be found in nature) have made it a choice metal for engagement and wedding rings. But malleability – one of gold’s most appealing attributes – is also its biggest weakness in jewelry. Pure gold jew...

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  • Diamond Trends

    Diamond Trends

    Diamond Trends When you think about the phrase “bridal fashion” you tend to compare it to the fast moving fashion industry. But when it comes to the Bridal market, it’s a careful balance of “timeless evolution”. Diamond ring styles don’t change dramatically every season, the way apparel trends do. Diamond styles tend to go through new evolutions every few years led by an individu...

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  • Understanding diamond grading

    Understanding diamond grading

    The My Trio Rings Certificate of Authenticity Every ring comes with a My Trio Rings certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its gold purity and diamond qualities. This document provides tangible and specific verification that a diamond ring is exactly as advertised, giving you peace of mind when making an important purchase.GIA Certificate for Higher-Grade Diamonds For diamond rings wit...

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  • Diamond overview

    Diamond overview

    You’re on a mission to find the perfect diamond ring. Congratulations! Too often, ring shopping seems like an expensive and complicated puzzle you have to piece together. Our Diamonds 101 guide is designed to help you crack the code, sharing information as industry insiders that are shaking up the industry. With four generations of expertise we share facts and shopping tips that empower yo...

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  • Shopping for Plus Size Rings: Online & In-Store

    Shopping for Plus Size Rings: Online & In-Store

    If searching for the perfect wedding and engagement rings seems like a daunting task, it’s even more challenging when you need sizes outside the limited range carried by most jewelers. We’ve heard this complaint from many of our couples over the years – and it’s one of the major reasons we designed our Full Brilliance Collection. It’s the first of its kind, and it features diamond engage...

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  • How My Trio Rings Designed the Full Brilliance Collection

    How My Trio Rings Designed the Full Brilliance Collection

    We believe you should never have to sacrifice style for size – which is why My Trio Rings released the first ever plus size Full Brilliance collection which is curated specifically for ring sizes 11 and up! While other jewelers will just stretch existing rings to offer them in larger sizes, we design them from scratch to have a perfect look and fit. Whether you’re looking for size 12 women...

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