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Blues Sapphire Wedding Rings for Virgos

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Blue Sapphire Wedding Rings for Virgos

For all September born Virgos, the Blue Sapphire is a very sentimental, meaningful gem stone. The beautiful blue color of the stone represents symbols fitting with this Earth sign such as the blue sky. The stones are said to signify the importance nobility, truth and loyalty, each distinctive character traits of Virgos.

It is believed that sapphires help bring out the positive attributes of a Virgo’s personality while easing the negative ones, prompting personal growth. When worn, the sapphire encourages sincerity, eloquence and thoughtfulness, helping to strengthen personal and professional relationships.

Always paying attention to the smallest details, they appreciate the care and thought that goes into life. With care and thought, this is how the Ethereal Collection was designed.

The Ethereal Collection

The Ethereal Collection is a wedding ring collection featuring vintage inspired engravings enhanced with cool blue sapphire gem stones. The attention to detail in each ring’s design pays tribute to the spectacular beauty of the blue sapphire. There could not be a better collection of engagement rings, and his and hers wedding bands for Virgo’s than Ethereal.

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Cover Photo Credits: https://www.123rf.com/photo_64449423_stock-vector-astrology-shining-blue-symbol-horoscope-sign-zodiac-virgo-.html


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  1. Pooja Gupta September 20, 2019

    very nice blog on the blue sapphire gemstone.very informative.


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