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Desert Adventures: Alex & Christina

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After 3 years of building a home, and 6 years of growing together in love, we are elated to celebrate the Newly Weds, Christina & Alex. From taking drink orders behind the counter of Starbucks, to saying their vows while standing in front of Sedona’s Thunder Mountain range, their life together has just begun.  

Modern Couple Wedding

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, in the backyard of a welcoming, family friend’s home in Sedona Arizona, Alex and Christina became Mr. & Mrs. Their dearest friends and family were invited to join in the celebration with hand sketched invitations created by Alex himself. 


The beauty of the outdoor ceremony was a tribute to the natural love between Alex & Christina. Inspired by their surroundings, they incorporated traditions from all aspects of their lives. The ceremony included a reading from the Book of Corinthians, as well blessed with a Native American ritual.

After doing a little digging, we discovered that the Native American blessing performed at Alex & Christina’s ceremony is referred to as a Four Directions Ceremony.  It was performed by the officiant, and as the sun glowed upon the beaming couple, she called on the four directions for the spirits to bless Alex & Christina through their journey of life.

native american blessing

“I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and all of me.” A simple, yet powerful statement shared between two individuals that stands as a reminder of their promise to love each other unconditionally. 

Modern Couple Exchanging Vows

The moment they had be planning for had finally arrived as they exchanged custom made and hand engraved My Trio Rings wedding bands that read “All My Heart” in hers, and “All My Soul” in his. As they signed their names and sealed their marriage license with a kiss, they started the rest of their life together as partners.

The celebration continued on the dance floor with the the Father-Daughter dance, along with Alex & Christina’s first dance as a married couple. Christina and her father  shared their “Father-Daughter dance” with a classic rock song under the desert sky. He twirled her around the dance floor as friends and family watched them soak in in the joy of a growing family. As the sky became a blanket of stars, Alex and Christina embraced on the dance floor, taking the moment to recognize the beautiful memory they had made to hold onto forever.

Surrounded by Sedona’s Thunder Mountain range, and their closest friends and family, they invited their loved ones to celebrate in love. After curating a music playlist filled with a variety of songs, ranging from classics to pop dance songs, an evening of dance, food, drink, love, & laughter awaited them; the makings of memories to last a lifetime.

Photo Credit: Danielle Holman Wedding @danielleholmanwedding

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