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Why You’ll Fall in Love with Two-Stone Rings

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Two stone diamond engagement ring

You may have noticed a new engagement and wedding ring trend that’s been getting a lot of attention over the last few months: two-stone rings.

3/4 Carat Round Cut Diamond Two-Stone Ring 


Instead of a solitaire diamond setting or a cluster head design, two-stone rings feature twin diamonds in the center of the design. They’re striking and a little bit unusual, while still maintaining the classic beauty that traditional ladies’ wedding bands are known for. Here a few of the reasons you’ll find yourself head over heels for this design.

Two Stones for Two Hearts

Engagement and wedding rings represent the connection and commitment you share as a couple, but the two-stone design brings new meaning to his and hers wedding rings. In our ring collection, the two matching diamonds symbolize your two hearts joining together. Every day you wear a two-stone ring, you have a fresh opportunity to celebrate your union and your lasting love.

1/3 Carat Round Cut Diamond Two-Stone Ring 


Big Impact, Small Price Tag

Two-stone rings offer the perfect compromise for those who crave a lot of sparkle but don’t want to blow their budget. A single large diamond will always much more expensive than two smaller diamonds of the same quality, equaling the same carat weight. So with a two-stone ring, you get the megawatt look of a high-end ring, while actually paying far less than you would for a solitaire setting. Some of our two-stone ladies’ wedding bands also add an illusion setting around the diamonds, making the setting look even more dramatic and brilliant.

1 Carat Round Cut Diamond Two-Stone Ring


Unique Personality & Design

Two-stone rings offer a wide range of styles, allowing you to show your individual preferences and personality. If you lean toward a low-key style and minimalist jewelry, you can opt for a simple and streamlined two-stone design. If you love glamour and bling, you can go for a more ornate option. But whatever fashion you prefer, your two-stone ring will be a daily reminder of your shared bond. What more could you ask for from the his and hers wedding rings you choose?

1/2 Carat T.W. Round Cut Diamond Two-Stone Ring



Matching his and hers wedding band sets by my trio rings

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