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Creative Airport Proposal Ideas

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing






There’s something about reuniting with your partner at the airport arrivals gate that is perfectly romantic.

You get those nervous-excited-happy butterflies while you wait, then you see your partner walking toward you and you lock eyes… and it feels like you’re starring in a romantic comedy.

Well, maybe one in particular.

Whether you’re doing long distance and haven’t seen each other in weeks, or your partner is coming back from a work trip, that moment when you see each other again for the first time is one of pure love and joy. Time apart puts your relationship in perspective and makes you appreciate what you have together. So if you have an airport reunion coming up, and you’re looking for a creative way to propose, one of these scenarios might be perfect for you.


Keep in mind that airport proposals do come with some challenges, and they’re best for folks who are organized and detail-oriented. Airports are crowded – you’re guaranteed to get a lot of applause and congratulations from strangers when she says “yes”… but you’ll also want to be sure she’ll be happy being the center of attention in a very public display. For more elaborate airport proposal ideas – like a dancing flash mob or a choir serenading her – you should get permission from the airport authorities so you don’t run into any trouble while you’re in the middle of pouring your heart out. Good on all counts? OK, let’s continue!

Airport Proposal Ideas

Simple & Heartfelt

When she arrives, greet her with a bouquet of flowers. Tell her how much you missed her and why you love her. Then get down on one knee with a brilliant diamond engagement ring and ask her to marry you. You can also show up with a group of your closest friends and family members, and ask them to help out with the proposal – holding up photos of you two, playing your song, etc.

With the Help of Strangers

Imagine this: as she exits the baggage claim area and makes her way through the crowd looking for you, strangers keep walking up to her. Each person greets her by name and hands her a single flower or colorful balloon – until she has an overflowing bunch. Then you appear and pop the question.


Find the Signs

Enlist the help of a few trusted friends, and make big signs she’ll be able to read from a distance. Make them about her wonderful qualities (SONIA IS KIND & GENEROUS) or about special memories you have together (REMEMBER…. OUR FIRST KISS IN GOLDEN GATE PARK?). Position yourself at the back of the crowd, with a final sign – WILL YOU MARRY ME? – and a diamond engagement ring.

Fun Flash Mob

If you share a flair for the dramatic, put together a flash mob to help with your airport proposal. Organize adventurous friends and family, or hire professional singers and dancers to perform a song you two love. Break through the crowd to get down on one knee and propose.

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Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing

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