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Style Review: Halo Bridal Rings

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Rose Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings feature a center diamond or gemstone encircled by smaller accent diamonds. The result is a sophisticated setting that creates the illusion of a larger center stone – adding a lot more sparkle without a huge investment.


Halo rings are all the rage among modern brides – but this style is not a fleeting new trend. Elaborate halo bridal rings rose in popularity during the Art Deco period in the 1920s, but they were also in fashion in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Now they’re making a big resurgence, with everyone from the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton to actress Sofia Vergara embracing the style.

Why Halo Bridal Rings Are so Popular


There isn’t just one type of halo engagement ring. One of the most appealing features of this setting is that it’s available in so many different shapes and sizes. Brides can opt for a classic, vintage-inspired look with a round or oval cut circled by a single row of diamonds, or they can go for a more glam, contemporary image with a princess or cushion cut and a double halo. Halo engagement rings are customizable in a diverse range of designs.

Big Bling

The halo design is meant to be eye-catching, and it definitely achieves its goal. The combination of the center stone and the surrounding accent diamonds makes a halo ring seem much larger and more brilliant than other styles.


Halo rings are the ideal choice for couples looking for cheap bridal sets without wanting to compromise on quality or appearance. A halo setting can feature a modest center stone, which keeps the price point lower, but the circle of diamonds around it increase its overall visual impact. Halo bridal rings offer an impressive look for a very affordable price.

Here are a few of My Trio Rings’ popular halo bridal rings:

7/8 CT. White & Rose Gold Bridal Set


5/8 CT. 14K White Gold Bridal Set


1/2 CT. 10K White Gold Bridal Set


1/3 CT. 10K Yellow Gold Bridal Set


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