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Why You Shouldn't Get Wedding Ring Tattoos

Matching wedding bands are meant to symbolize your permanent bond and commitment to one another as a couple. But a recent trend has been taking the “permanent” concept very literally: wedding ring tattoos. Some couples are opting for ink – ranging from simple black bands to intricate lettering or designs – instead of traditional diamond and gold wedding rings.

While tattoo rings might seem interesting right now, their appeal (but not their mark) will likely fade over time. Here are a few reasons you should think carefully before making a decision you can’t easily undo.


1. Wedding ring tattoos aren’t timeless (though they are permanent).

Think about the styles and fads you’ve adopted over the years, the ones you were obsessed with 10 or 20 years ago that now cause you to blush at old photos (I’m looking at you, Rachel haircut and ‘70s throwback polyester pants). Would you want to be forced to keep wearing those styles now? For another 10 years? Forever? Your style preferences change over time, and it’s a big gamble to assume you’ll love the same wedding tattoos for the rest of your lives.

With matching wedding bands, on the other hand, you can select a style that reflects your personalities and preferences. But if you decide in a decade or two that you’re ready for a change, you can update the setting, the stones or the band – or upgrade your rings to celebrate a milestone or anniversary. No painful removal procedures necessary.

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2. It’s possible your relationship status will change.

I know, it’s a huge downer and I’m the worst for even bringing it up. But there’s always a possibility that a marriage won’t last forever. It’s probably not your situation, but it’s worth considering what would happen if you did split up. Imagine how much more difficult and painful it would be to have to decide whether to keep or remove your wedding ring tattoos, in addition to everything else.

3. Sparkle, not ink, is a better option.

If you and your partner are already tattoo fanatics who already get tats to commemorate every occasion and milestone, feel free to ignore me and do your thing. But if this is a new idea you’re toying with, think about it carefully before taking the leap. Ask what you really want to represent your marriage, day in and day out. Imagine what you will want to be wearing for many years to come.

If ink seems more like a passing fancy and not a lifelong commitment, look for matching wedding bands that fit what want long term. You can find minimalist and chic, vintage-inspired and classic, modern and striking. Diamond wedding rings are anything but boring – you just have to find the right ones.



Photo credit: Flickr/ruthsilva; Flickr/rannbran1209

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