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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas on a Budget

green-wedding-ideasWhen you plan a large event, like a wedding, you might be surprised by how much waste you produce by the end of the day. Leftover food, empty bottles, plastic packaging, abandoned decorations and party favors… not to mention the fuel required to ship items from distant locations.

If you are environmentally conscious and want to reduce the impact your wedding has, it can be intimidating once you start looking at the cost of green alternatives. Planning an eco-friendly wedding while sticking to your budget is a challenge, but you can do it with a little advance planning and creativity. Here are a few ideas to help you throw a gorgeous wedding that represents your values and stays within your means.

Green Wedding Planning Tips

Buy secondhand.

Remember that not everything has to be brand new to be beautiful. Vintage and thrifted items add stylish and unique touches to your wedding, while reducing your footprint and your expenses. Look for a one-of-a-kind vintage wedding gown on Etsy, or shop at garage sales or thrift stores for antique vases for table centerpieces.

Keep the future in mind.

While shopping for everything from wedding jewelry to reception decorations, ask yourself, “Will I ever use this again?” Avoid cheap, flimsy items that you’ll throw away after your wedding day. Look for opportunities to reuse items in the future. For example, choose wedding jewelry you would wear again for a fancy dinner out or potted plant centerpieces that double as wedding favors.

Choose a naturally beautiful setting.

To save money and reduce waste, opt for a wedding venue that has its own natural decorations. Get married in a botanical garden or a funky art museum where the decor is already stunning.

Stay close.

For a more eco-friendly wedding, cut down on the amount of transportation needed. Plan the ceremony and reception in the same place or within walking distance of each other. 

Go paperless. 

Use Paperless Post or a similar service to create elegant paperless save-the-dates and invitations.

Pick green wedding vendors.

Ask your wedding caterer, florist and other vendors if they offer any environmentally friendly options. For example, can you find a caterer who will use mostly local products, offer many vegetarian options and compost food waste? Can you find a florist who will make bouquets only from local, in-season flowers?

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