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How to Block Hotel Rooms for Wedding Guests

If many of your guests will be traveling from out of town to attend your wedding, one of the most common questions they will ask you is: Where should we stay?

You can provide guests with a list of a few hotel options for different budget ranges, but it’s considerate (and will ultimately save you time fielding logistical questions) if you reserve a block of rooms at a hotel near your wedding venue. You can often get a discounted room rate for groups, and it’s convenient to have many guests staying in the same location. Here are a few tips on how to block hotel rooms for wedding guests like a pro.

Search for convenience.

A hotel that’s a 45-minute drive from your wedding venue won’t be ideal for out-of-town guests. Look for a hotel that is easy to reach from your venue on foot, by public transit or via a short taxi ride. Pay attention to handy extras offered by the hotel, like an airport shuttle, free breakfast or family rooms for people with kids.

Get to Googling.

Research different hotels in the area, and compare prices and amenities to narrow the choices down to a short list. Also search for any large events that are going on around your wedding day - games, conventions, graduations, conventions. Any event that will flood the city with out-of-towners can affect the supply and price of hotel rooms.

Look at different price ranges.

When blocking rooms for wedding guests who are already traveling for your big day, pay attention to cost. Find a hotel with mid-range room rates, or Consider reserving room blocks at two different hotels, one that is more of a budget option (appealing for your cash-strapped peers) and one that is a more upscale choice (better for your older, more established relatives).

Estimate rooms needed.

Look at your guest list, think about who is likely to come and determine a realistic number of rooms you’ll need. Call your short list of hotels, and ask about pricing for blocking this number of rooms - keeping in mind you will probably want the rate for at least one day before and one day after your wedding. Ask for a detailed list of conditions from the hotel to secure this rate - for example, what percentage of rooms will need to be filled to avoid penalty, what the cancellation limitations are, if there are any hidden fees, etc. Ask if it’s possible to get a comp room for you and your spouse-to-be when blocking rooms for wedding guests.

Notify guests.

Set a cut-off date for room reservations, and let wedding guests know the details as soon as possible. Put the info on your wedding website if you have one, and tell guests to share far and wide.

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