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4 Perfectly Personalized Wedding Ideas

personalized-wedding-ideasThere is a wealth of wedding planning information available for engaged couples. Websites, blogs, magazines, books – the list goes on. While it is often a blessing to have so many helpful ideas and resources at your fingertips, it can also become a burden when you are trying to make decisions. Different sources offer conflicting advice, and after a while, you may find that you are losing sight of what you want and what others say you must have.

When this happens, it’s a good idea to take a break and focus on what type of wedding you two want. How can you infuse your personalities and styles into your celebration? How can you incorporate small touches that are memorable and unique? Check out these personalized wedding ideas, and brainstorm your own list.

Wedding Planning With a Personal Touch

1. Find an officiant who knows you.

Your wedding ceremony will have greater significance if your officiant shares genuine reflections and experiences about you as a couple. If you can, ask someone you know – a religious leader from your place of worship or a family friend who is licensed to legally marry you in your state. If you are looking for someone you don’t already know to be your officiant, take the time to get to know him or her and vice versa. Ask questions, and share details of your relationship, from how you met to what your plans are for the future. Look for someone who you will feel comfortable with when you exchange trio ring sets and say “I do.”

2. Select readings and songs with personal meaning

.Choosing the music and readings for your wedding can be one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning, whether you are having a religious ceremony or not. Ask the venue where you are getting married if there are any restrictions in advance (for example, if it will be a problem to use a pop song when you walk down the aisle in a Christian church). Have trusted friends and family members do some research and make suggestions. Look outside the standard wedding selections, and try to find reflections that speak to you as a couple.

3. Add flavor.

Make the food you serve at your wedding reception a reflection of your family, your culture or your region. For example, the appetizers you serve could be a nod to recipes your family loves to serve at holidays, or the traditional wedding cake could be replaced by a favorite dessert from your home state.

4. Combine past and present.

Set up a table at your wedding where you can display framed photos from both of your families. For example, photos of your parents or grandparents at their weddings, photos of family members who have died or photos of the two of you growing up. On this same table, you can also include a traditional guest book or something a little different: for example, a box where guests can write marriage advice or date ideas on slips of paper for you to read later. 

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