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5 More New Year’s Resolutions for Wedding Planning

wedding-planning-resolutionsIf you are newly engaged and planning your wedding this year, you have a lot to look forward to. You and your spouse-to-be may encounter stressful moments along the way – vendors that back out on a contract, sticker shock over a quote or tension with your parents over the guest list – but keep in mind that the wedding planning process should be mostly fun. Add these New Year’s resolutions to your list as you begin planning your wedding day!

1. Don’t let your budget get you down.

Most couples can’t afford to throw an extravagant Hollywood-style wedding for 500 of their closest friends – and that is OK. Be honest and realistic about the type of wedding you want to have, and then seek out creative solutions for making it a reality. Look for ways you can save on bigger purchases – like shopping online for affordable trio ring sets. See what makes sense to do yourself, barter for with vendors or enlist the help of talented friends.

2. Mark down the important deadlines.

Dedicate a calendar just to wedding deadlines and reminders, and start researching the hard dates you need to remember. How long will it take your seamstress to make alterations to your wedding dress or tuxedo? How many days in advance must you file for a marriage license in your state? Put everything on the calendar, and you will keep your stress level to a minimum.

3. Balance the tedious with the fun.

Find ways to make your least favorite tasks more enjoyable. Invite your wedding party over for brunch and mimosas to help you address invitations or make wedding favors. Pick out your beautiful trio ring sets as a reward after you have interviewed the five DJs on your list.

4. Set aside a little extra miscellaneous money.

Even if you are a wedding planning wiz who has spreadsheets with line items for every expense, you will still encounter unexpected costs along the way. A lost decorations order will require a last-minute run to buy supplies at the craft store, or a typo on the programs will need an extra round of printing. Earmark about 5 to 10 percent of your total budget for these surprise expenses.

5. Keep it in perspective.

When you are planning your wedding, you will probably have a few stressful moments. You and your partner may even consider eloping instead. But try to remember why you are getting married and why you are excited to share your day with friends and family. Learn to shake off the small stuff, deal with the big stuff and count your blessings. The important thing is that you found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with!

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