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5 Last-Minute Planning Details for Your Holiday Wedding

holiday-wedding-planningYour picture-perfect holiday wedding is almost here! By now, you should have completed all the big remaining items on your checklist: confirming the final head count and seating chart, arranging set-up and drop-off times with all your vendors, putting your his and hers matching ring set in a safe place.

Before the wedding day, give yourself time to step back and make sure you’ve taken care of the small finishing touches you want to include in your ceremony and reception. Place last-minute orders or requests with your vendors, then sit back, relax and get excited for your big day.

A Few Final Details for a Holiday Wedding

1. Keep guests warm.

Visit your ceremony and reception venues around the same time of day you’ll be there for your wedding. If it’s a little drafty or chilly, you could place a basket of inexpensive scarves or blankets at the end of each row or at each table (for people who don’t want to warm up by hitting the dance floor!).

2. Think outside the (ring) box.

Look for a unique and seasonal way to display the his and hers matching ring set you will exchange during the ceremony. For example, have the best man hold the rings on a pine bow or find a rich red velvet pillow for the ring bearer to carry up the aisle.

3. Celebrate “I do” in style.

Want to make a statement as you walk down the aisle for the first time as a married couple? Give your guests something festive to wave, like sleigh bells or sparklers, to commemorate the moment.

4. Serve toasty beverages.

If you are planning to take gorgeous photos outside to capture your holiday wedding, talk to your caterers about providing hot drinks for people waiting for their turn in front of the camera. Even having a few large cocoa, coffee or tea dispensers handy can make the wait a lot more pleasant.

5. Add festive props.

If you plan to have a busy photo booth or expect the reception to turn into a wild dance party, consider putting together a box of silly and fun props or costumes for guests to use. Wigs, hats, glasses, signs and boas are always popular, and you can also include some specific to your holiday wedding, such as Santa hats, battery-operated Christmas lights, inflatable candy canes or reindeer antlers.

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