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5 Winter Wedding Trends You’ll Want to Follow

winter-wedding-trendsA winter wedding may not have the outdoor appeal of a summer affair, but it more than makes up for it with its own brand of atmospheric romance. Cold-weather weddings can be cozy and personal, elegant and sophisticated or eclectic and spirited. The small details, from the lighting to the cocktails, can make a big difference.

See which of these winter wedding trends will set just the right mood for your perfect day!

1. Long-sleeved dresses

This trend is both practical and pretty. Long-sleeved bridal gowns keep you warm in drafty churches or during outdoor photo sessions, but they also have a beautiful vintage look. Explore sleeves in different styles, such as sheer, solid, lace and beaded, and imagine the gorgeous photos your photographer will capture as you exchange matching wedding ring sets.

2. Romantic and modern decoration

Find a balance between classic styles and bold, modern accents in your decor. Incorporate a color palette with subtle whites, creams or greys, mixed with splashes of amethyst purple or rich marsala (Pantone’s color of 2015). Arrange dining tables with some traditional elements - such as candelabras and monogrammed napkins - with unexpected touches - such as modern-art-inspired picture frames or handmade placecards.

3. Playful footwear

Get ready to dance with one of the most fun winter wedding trends - shoes that show your personality. Skip the formal heels and men’s dress shoes, and look for options that you would wear again - whether they’re Victorian-inspired lace-up boots, colorful Oxfords, hipster sneakers or suede slip-ons.

4. Tasting sessions

Instead of opting for a standard open bar, consider setting up a few drink tasting stations with unique offerings. If you two are crazy about craft beer, pick a few of your local favorites to have on tap. If you love wine, put together a flight of three of your top picks. If you can’t get enough of bourbon or gin, create a signature cocktail. With a little planning, this can be a fun and tasteful way for guests to sample great beverages - while keeping your bar budget down.

5. Wild flowers

Talk to your florist about different combinations you can create that go beyond just one type of flower or one color. Pick one word that would describe the look you are going for, and ask advice on how to achieve it. Be open to unconventional additions to your bouquets, such as greens, berries, acorns or other non-living accessories.

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