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3 Wedding Planning Apps & Websites to Make Life Easier, Part I

wedding-planning-appsNew tech tools have greatly simplified the wedding planning process. Now, instead of having to make a thousand phone calls or drive all over town to track down information, you are able to access much of what you need at the touch of a mouse or the tap of a screen.

There are new wedding planning apps and websites coming out all the time, but here are a few of our favorites that will save you time and hassle (so you can focus on the fun decisions - like which wedding trio ring set is “the one”).

Helpful Wedding Apps & Websites

1. Wedding Spot (free)

Trying to figure out which wedding venue is right for you? Wedding Spot, a website that launched in 2013, works directly with vendors to gather all the important information you need to be able to search by location, budget, style and guest count. You can select different options to get a price estimate and book an appointment to tour the venue. Wedding Spot isn’t yet available in all 50 states, but it is scaling up to that goal quickly and has already helped close to 200,000 users with wedding planning.

2. WeddingWire (free)

WeddingWire is your one-stop shopping for wedding planning apps, with its suite of four options:

  • The WeddingWire app lets you manage your checklist, budget, guest list and RSVPs, as well as participate in community forums.
  • The WedStyle app lets you browse inspiration photos and helps you make tough decisions about your wedding style and attire. Can’t decide which wedding trio ring set to choose? Upload a photo and get immediate feedback from the community.
  • The WedTeam app allows you to search, save and compare reviewed wedding vendors by location and preferences.
  • The WedSocial app makes it simple to share event details with guests and collect all guests’ photos from your wedding day in one place.

3. TopTablePlanner (free trial; plans start at $20)

Creating the seating arrangement chart for your wedding reception can be a huge headache if you’re relying on the old paper and pen method or even a detailed spreadsheet. TopTablePlanner makes it easy and intuitive to add guests as they RSVP (by importing them from Word or Excel or typing them in) and dragging and dropping names onto a customizable table diagram. Your best friend just decided to bring a different plus one? Your divorced parents can’t be within 10 feet of each other? No problem; it’s easy to rearrange as many times as necessary. Log in and make changes from your smartphone, tablet or computer, and print out a PDF overview for your venue, as well as place cards for the tables.

What wedding planning apps or websites do you swear by? Leave a comment!

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