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4 Ideas for Affordable Altars and Arches

3045391386 d7299bf7de zThe place where you and your spouse-to-be exchange vows and matching trio rings should be stunning and complementary to the setting. Renting or buying altar decorations can be expensive if you are on a budget. With a little bit of time, DIY know-how and creativity, you can create gorgeous and affordable altars and arches that are perfect for your ceremony.

DIY Altars and Arches

1. Wedding Chuppah

At a Jewish wedding, the couple is married beneath a canopy or chuppah - which means “covering” or “protection.” The chuppah symbolizes the couple’s new home together. Renting a chuppah from a florist or event company can be expensive, but they are easy, inexpensive and customizable if you build one yourself. This step-by-step tutorial uses materials you can find at most hardware stores, including PVC pipe, connectors, cinder blocks, fabric and plaster. 

2. Church Altar Decorations

If you are getting married in a church with a beautiful altar, you will be able to save money by using the decorations that are already there. If you want to personalize the space, ask the church what is permitted and add simple touches, such as flowers, candles or fabrics.

3. Ladder Arch

Form an arch from simple wooden ladders, and decorate with flowers, garlands, ribbons, lanterns, candles or other accessories. This lovely archway is perfect for rustic chic wedding decor, and it’s a snap to put together.

4. Natural Wedding Arch

If you are getting married in a forest or anywhere that has uniquely shaped trees, you could take advantage of this natural beauty for your wedding altar. Sheath downward facing branches in lace, chiffon, ribbon or other fabric in your wedding colors. Use this arch to frame you as you’re saying your vows and putting on your matching trio rings for the first time.

Looking for more DIY inspiration? Check out these beautiful pinterest boards for tutorials, tips and real-life examples. 


Alternative Wedding Arches: everything from handwritten backdrops to living wall altars


Rustic Wedding Arches: combining natural elements, such as wood, flowers and vines 


DIY Wedding Arches: inventive ideas that you can create easily yourself 

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