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4 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Holiday Proposal

If you are thinking about getting down on one knee this Christmas or New Year’s Eve, now is the time to start making preparations for your romantic moment. If you are thoughtful and thorough in your planning now, you can relax and enjoy this life-changing event.

1. Think about what would make her light up.

There is no “one size fits all” proposal that is right for every woman. You know your partner better than anyone else, so spend some time asking what would make a holiday proposal most memorable and meaningful to her. What is most important to her in your relationship? How does she like to be shown love and affection? What proposal story would she love to tell for years to come? Brainstorm a few different scenarios, and go for the one that feels right for her.

2. Decide how you want to involve loved ones.

You may want your proposal to be a private moment for just the two of you, but your families and friends will also want to be a part of your celebration in some way. If you are planning to see your loved ones at the holidays, it could be a perfect opportunity to arrange a casual get-together, dinner or cocktail party after you propose.

3. Make arrangements and reservations as early as possible.

The holidays are a busy time for special events, so as soon as you decide on how you want to propose, organize and confirm all the arrangements you need well in advance so you’re not scrambling for something important at the last minute. Reserve a room at that romantic B&B in the mountains, book the table with the best view at your favorite restaurant or make the shopping list for the incredible meal you are going to make her. Browse affordable engagement rings in different styles, and order the one you know she’ll love.

4. Have back-up plans ready, just in case.

It’s likely that your holiday proposal will go just as planned, with nothing more to worry about than the butterflies in your stomach. You will have researched affordable engagement rings well in advance and have the perfect ring ready for the right moment. The location you chose will be just as you imagined it, and everything will be easy and stress-free. But just in case, have a Plan B for your own peace of mind. Select another restaurant you’d be happy with in case your first choice has to close unexpectedly. Have a second florist or tour guide or horseback riding instructor programmed into your phone on the off chance that any of your arrangements fall through at the last minute.


What are your planning tips for a stress-free proposal?

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