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Marriage Advice from the World’s Longest-Married Couples, Part 2

ISS_4831_00641.jpgSometimes, we all need a little reassurance about the decisions we make in our lives- especially the important ones. And is there a decision more important than who you choose to spend the rest of your life with? I certainly don’t think so. Marriage can be scary, and it’s definitely hard work. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In fact, some couples are lucky to spend almost their entire lives married to the person they love after they exchange his and hers rings on their wedding day. And, if you’re anything like me, getting advice from these couples instantly reassures me and brightens my day. That’s why I decided to do another post with marriage advice from some of the world’s longest-married couples. Make sure to check out the first post, too!

1. Sally and Joseph Littlewood

These two lovebirds met a whopping 81 years ago at the local hop. That night, he took her for a walk, bought her a Mars bar, and whisked her off her feet. They married in 1939, which means they've been husband and wife for a mind-blowing 75 years. They’ve made it through a lot during their marriage, including a time when they weren’t able to see each other for six years during World War II. Here’s some advice they have for couples looking to exchange one of our customizable ring sets:

  • “Argue. Argue lots but always remember to get over it.”
  • Know what you want -- “If you’re going to move in with someone, or marry them, you have to know you love them. Everyone is getting divorced these days. They have quick marriages and I just think people do not have what they want.”

2. Lee and Morty Kaufman

This two didn’t exchange his and hers rings until later in life, but they’ve still had a marriage that most of us dream about. You might recognize them from a 2013 Swiffer commercial. In that commercial, they rave about their 44 years of marriage, and it’s clear from the way they talk and look at each other that they adore one another. Here is some of the marriage advice they gave.

  • “You have to look out for each other, you really do. If you want a successful marriage, you have to let each other know you love each other, and you have to take care of each other — and we do."
  • “We've always just shared what's on our minds with each other in good times and in less-than-perfect times, and that's how we've stuck together so long."
  • “Having a little bit of structure if key. We each have our own hobbies and interests -- but make time to do things with each other and friends and family on a regular basis.”

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