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Wedding Traditions of the World: Bridal Attire Edition

wedding traditions, customizable ring sets, his and her ringsWe’ve written in the past about different wedding traditions and superstitions from around the world, but today I specifically wanted to talk about bridal attire customs.

Most of us dream about our wedding dress from an early age and can’t imagine wearing anything but that one perfect gown when exchanging his and her rings. However, not every bride ends up wearing a white (or white-ish) dress on her wedding day. Different cultures have different traditions, and wedding attire is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the bridal attire traditions from around the world:

1. Traditional Chinese

In a traditional Chinese wedding, the bride will be wearing a one-piece gown called a qipao, which have been worn since the 17th century. It’s elaborately embroidered with silver and gold designs. It’s typically red as the color red is thought to repel evil spirits and bring good fortune. Here’s another traditional Chinese bridal custom: brides will wear a red, silk veil during her wedding ceremony. The veil is removed by her husband, but not until their wedding night.

2. Traditional Egyptian

A traditional Egyptian wedding dress is so long that the material spreads on the floor. Most of these gowns have embellishments and colorful accents-- gold accents are the most popular, as gold used to be a color used by Egyptian royalty. The gown itself is also often red. Brides also wear a shawl as a headdress because the bride is not allow to show her face to wedding guests. It covers everything except the eyes as she is only to be unveiled for her husband and her family.

3. Traditional Mongolian

At a traditional Mongolian wedding, both the bride and the groom wear a del, a bright garment made of cotton and silk with various patterns. The bride also wears a round, flat headdress that signifies wealth, so she would want it to be as extravagant and ornate as possible.

4. Traditional Indian

Traditionally, Hindu brides wear elaborate red or white saris. The colors represent fertility, wealth, and purity. Most of these are elaborately decorated in sequined patterns. She’ll also have various, intricate henna tattoos on her hands and feet that her female family member painted on in the days leading up to the wedding.

What wedding traditions are you planning on incorporating into your day?

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