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Innovative Engagement Ring Boxes of the 21st Century

 engagement ring set, customizable ring sets, engagement ring boxesWhen you are getting ready to propose, you spend a lot of time thinking about engagement rings. That’s natural since there are a lot of choices to be made. For instance, the type of gold and the cut of the diamond...and that’s just two of the many decisions weighing on your mind.

However, until recently, people haven’t thought much about the box that holds the engagement ring set. Maybe that’s because there hasn’t been many other choices beyond the standard, square, bulky ring box. Good news! That’s no longer the case (pun intended). You can now customize your ring box to match the customizable ring set you’ll give your sweetheart. Take a look at these innovative engagement ring boxes:

1. Ring Cam

If you’re a technology fanatic, Ring Cam might be a perfect fit for your proposal. This isn’t just an ordinary ring box. It’s a ring box that can record your proposal from start to finish. Capture your partner’s surprised reaction when you get down on one knee, and you’ll be able to relive your proposal with friends and family. All you have to do is press a button to start recording.

2. Clifton

Have you ever thought about how bulky ring boxes are? That can present a major problem when you are trying to plan a surprise proposal and have to worry about where to store the cumbersome box without it being noticed. That’s where packaging designer Andrew Zo stepped in. His creation, the “Clifton,” is an engagement ring box that’s just 1 centimeter thick and resembles a wallet. When you open it up, the ring blooms like a flower in a beautiful spinning motion. This box retails for $99, but that price might be well worth the look of utter surprise on your sweetheart’s face.

3. Create Your Own!

Want a ring box that’s as unique as our customizable ring sets? Then put on your thinking hat! Instead of using a traditional box, brainstorm other things that you can use to present the engagement ring set. For example, if your love is a bibliophile, then you could buy a copy of her favorite book (don’t use her prized copy!) and carve out a section for the engagement ring. Try to think of things that unite you as a couple. Maybe you two fell in love after bonding over your Harry Potter obsession. If so, a replica of the Sorting Hat might be the perfect way to ask your partner to permanently become a part of your house. What ideas can you come up with?

Before you propose, you have to have the perfect ring! Check out our customizable ring sets and start planning your proposal today!

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