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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Jewelry Store


customizable engagement rings, his and her rings, online jewelry storeMaking a large purchase online can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be! If you know and trust who you’re buying with, making a big purchase online can be a lot easier than making one in-store, especially when it comes to jewelry like customizable engagement rings. For example, when you customize a ring online, you can see exactly how the finished product would look–a perk that isn’t possible at a brick-and-mortar store. However, not all online jewelry stores were created equal. That means you’ll need to do some research, and we’re here to help. After you’ve found the online jewelry store you’d like to buy from, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1. How established is the jeweler, and what are their credentials?

You should get to know a little bit about the business you’re going to be buying from. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Plus, starting a relationship with a retailer might prove useful when you’re ready to buy your his and hers wedding bands or even a 10 year anniversary present.

2. Can they help you find what you’re looking for?

You should figure out how easy it is to contact them and how good they are at customer service. One way to do this is through referrals or customer reviews. For an online jewelry store, you can also do a test run on live chat, phone, or email to test their knowledge and customer service skills.

3. What types of jewelry do they offer?

Different retailers specialize in different things. For example, one of the things we’re passionate about are his and hers wedding bands and My Trio Rings’ sets. We love matching rings, but we also know that all of our customers might not. That’s why we also offer a variety of products ranging from customizable engagement rings to promise rings.

4. Do they offer a warranty and certificates of authenticity?

This is a big one. Would you ever buy a brand new TV without knowing that it’s 100% real? What about buying it without a warranty? Probably not. That’s why certificates of authenticity and warranties are so important. If you buy with us, you’ll get a certificate with every ring you buy that states the gold and diamond content of each ring. Each ring also comes with a one year warranty–it’s our promise to you that you’re getting the best quality products we have.

5. If you don’t like it, can you return it?

No matter how hard an online jewelry store might try, it’s possible that your rings might not look the same to you in person as they did online. If that happens, you’ll probably want to return your rings. Save yourself a massive headache later and make sure your online jewelry store has a return policy before you buy.

Do you still need to get a ring before you pop the ultimate question? Check out our selection of customizable engagement rings!

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