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Tips for Planning a Wedding Last Minute: Dress Edition

wedding ring sets, wedding dress, planning a weddingRecently, I gave some tips for picking a venue for a last-minute wedding. Now, a venue is important, but something that has even more emotional significance is your wedding dress. It's the dress you’ll be wearing when you exchange one of our wedding ring sets. It’s the dress you’ll be wearing when you take your first set of pictures as a married couple. 

But finding that perfect dress isn’t easy, even when you have all the time in the world. A time constraint can make your hunt even more challenging. That’s why today’s topic on planning a wedding last-minute focuses on finding your perfect wedding dress.

1. Be Open

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had an idea of what kind of wedding dress you would wear since you were 5. (White, strapless, vintage-inspired ballgown, thank you very much.) However, if you need a dress sooner rather than later, you should be open to different styles. You’ll be subject to what’s available, and that will mean trying on dresses you never thought you would like. A lot of times, these dresses end up looking great on you. Don’t judge a dress on its hanger -- try that baby on, and be wowed!

2. Think About Alterations

You might not have time for alterations. That means you need to find something in the store that fits and flatters you without any (or very minimal) alterations. This applies to larger sizes, too. You don’t have time to order a dress in a larger size, only to see it still doesn’t fit correctly. This could cause you to get stuck swapping his and hers rings in a dress you don't feel right in. Not good. Plan in advance, and you can get alterations that make a dress fit beautifully. 

3. Pre-Owned Dresses

Here’s another option: search the Internet for pre-owned dresses. There are a ton of websites you can look at. However, if it's a possibility to try a dress on before buying it, take advantage of that opportunity. Look at people who are selling dresses in your area. Ask to visit and try on the dress, and then you can see whether it’ll work or not.

4. Look Other Places

Don’t just stick to bridal salons. In fact, most bridal salons are going to charge you a rush fee if you order a dress within 6 months of your date. Instead, you can try looking online or visiting other retailers that sell styles you normally love. For example, J. Crew has a gorgeous line of wedding dresses. The dress you exchange his and hers rings in doesn’t technically have to be a “wedding” dress, either. If you find a dress you love that you think fits the occasion, wear it!

Are you planning a wedding? Be sure to check out our selection of wedding ring sets!

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