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Tips for Planning a Wedding Last-Minute: Venue Edition

ISS_2877_00043.jpgAre you in the middle of planning a wedding that won’t happen until next year? How many times have you thrown up your hands and just wanted to say, “to hell with it all!” Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be extremely stressful. If you’re one of those people who’d rather just get married and be done with with it, BUT you also don’t want to elope, it might be time to start thinking about moving up your wedding timeline.

One of my close friends decided a few weeks ago to move up her previously planned spring 2015 wedding to this November. And, you know what? She couldn’t be more excited.

If you’ve chosen to do this or you’re thinking about doing it, you’ll know that a crunched timeline means that your options might be limited and decisions have to be made quickly, which is a pretty difficult combination. That’s why I’ll be doing a series of blog posts with tips that are aimed to help make planning a wedding last-minute as smooth and wonderful as possible. Today’s post is all about choosing your venue.

Finding and Choosing a Last-Minute Venue

1. Go With What You Have

Do you have a big, beautiful backyard? If not, do any of your friends or family members have a house or yard you can use to exchange your his and her wedding bands? Instead of searching all over town (or country or world) for a venue, try making a list of places already available to you. However, keep in mind that if you use someone else’s house, you’ll need to make sure everything gets cleaned up and the house goes back to the way it was before the wedding. In addition, you might not have to pay for the venue, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something nice for the host or hostess.

2. Stick to One Location

Don’t book one venue for the ceremony and another for the reception. Make it easy on yourself and exchange your wedding ring sets in the same place you’ll get down on the dance floor. If your space isn’t big enough to have each portion of the festivities take place in a different spot, you can always hire someone to take down things from your ceremony and put up chairs/tables/decorations for your reception. Or, you could always just use the same layout for both!

3. Think Outside the Box

That friend I mentioned earlier? She’s be exchanging his and her wedding bands on a boat. Instead of looking at traditional venues, you might have to start getting inventive. Try to come up with venues that you know would be available at the time of your wedding. For instance, my friend had no problem reserving a large boat for November in Mississippi. Here are some other ideas: a public garden or park, a restaurant, a photography studio, etc.

4. Guest List

Last, but not least, you should take a good look at your guest list. If you’re having your wedding at a small house, then you don’t need to invite 150 people. Think about the people that you need there. Who would you miss? Whose absence would devastate you? Let these questions guide you.

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