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Diamond Wedding Ring Stuck on Finger: Send Help!

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Imagine this scenario. You did your research and took your time browsing through countless wedding ring sets to find the perfect pair. You decide to try on your diamond wedding ring to make sure it fits before the big day, slide it on your ring finger and … it gets stuck!

Maybe you ordered a size too small, or maybe your fingers are swelling because it’s a hot day. Whatever the reason, your beautiful wedding band is now firmly wedged on your finger, and you are starting to freak out.

Calm down. Breathe. It’s going to be OK. No need to call the paramedics with a “ring stuck on finger” red alert just yet. Here are a few DIY tips that will help you get your wedding ring unstuck with tools you should have around the house.

3 Tricks for Getting a Ring Unstuck

1. The Windex Trick

Remember how the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding swore that Windex was the solution to all problems? He may have been onto something! Commercial glass cleaner, such as Windex, is a lubricant and may also help reduce the swelling of your finger. Spray a bit of the liquid on your finger, rotate the ring and gently try to slide it off your finger.

2. The String Trick

If the Windex trick doesn’t help you get your diamond wedding ring unstuck, try this next method, using a pair of pliers and a piece of string or dental floss (you’ll need someone else to help you with this one).

Using the pliers, slide one end of the string underneath your ring toward your knuckle. With the part of the string pointing toward your fingertips, twist in a tight spiral, wrapping your finger from your ring outward toward the center of your finger. Secure the end of the string in the middle of the finger by tucking the loose end under the loops. Go back to the end of the string underneath the ring and carefully unwind the coil, pushing the wedding ring off the finger.

3. The Elastic Band Trick

This last trick uses the same idea as the string method, but the elastic should help you constrict the finger even further to help you slide off that stuck diamond wedding ring. Take an elastic band, and wrap it tightly around the finger, moving from the fingertip to the wedding band. Use tweezers or pliers to feed the end of the elastic band underneath the ring. Unwind the elastic slowly, and slide the ring off.

Have you ever gotten a ring stuck on your finger? Any tricks to share?

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