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social media, my trio ringsIf you’re anything like Tom Haverford from the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, we know your daily routine: “Everyday, I start by hitting up Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.” And even if you’re not a social media addict like Tom you must admit-- you do spend some time scrolling through those streams. Go to your social media pages right now. I’ll wait.

Are you there? Okay, good. Now check to see if you’re following us. If you are, great work! If not, you should be. We spread a lot of our content throughout our social media platforms to make sure you’re getting the full My Trio Rings experience. Here’s what you’ve been missing on our various social media channels:


On the My Trio Rings Facebook page, you’ll see that we highlight some of our favorite trio wedding ring sets and women's engagement rings. We also use it to share the latest (and sometimes the craziest!) news circling the wedding ring industry like this article about hand selfies. Facebook is also a great way for us to interact with our customers, so we urge you to write on our wall if you haven’t already! Ask questions, share photos of your rings or let us know how your My Trio Rings shopping experience has been. 


Are there any diehard Google+ fans out there? We use this platform in much the same way that we use Facebook. Here, you’ll see that we feature some of our bestselling rings and bring you interesting stories about wedding rings. You can also find our YouTube videos here! In each of these videos, we give you an up-close and 360-degree view of our exquisite diamond rings.


On our Twitter page, we keep up with the latest trending wedding ring topics and hashtags. Our tweets share fun facts, wedding ideas, and sweet wedding proposals. Also, let’s not forget that Twitter will allow you to easily keep up with the latest blog posts from yours truly (and others, of course).


Is there anything better than pretty pictures of women's engagement rings? How about those pictures made even dreamier with the perfect Instagram filter? Scrolling through your Instagram feed and coming across one of these lovely photos is sure to brighten up your day. We sometimes even give you a behind-the-scenes look at My Trio Rings. For instance, check out this photo of loose, sparkling diamonds waiting to be set in rings.


We've already talked about how handy Pinterest can be when you're planning a wedding. Many people use it for inspiration, and you can do the same with our boards. We have a variety of boards that cover a wide range of topics. Planning a wedding? We have a wedding decor board with tons of ideas. Planning a proposal? (Or just need a pick-me-up?) We have a board filled with the most heartwarming proposals we could find.

Gearing up for a wedding? Make it easy and buy all three rings at once with our trio wedding ring sets.

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