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5 More Wedding Superstitions & Traditions

02A158YJ.jpgWhen I first started thinking about writing a post about wedding superstitions and wedding traditions, I had no idea how many I would find. So far, we’ve already had two posts on wedding superstitions and one on wedding traditions from around the world, but we’re not done yet! There are still more unique traditions and superstitions to share. How many of these have you heard of before?

1. Beware the wedding cake!

Things can get pretty dicey here. Cut your cake together -- a couple cutting the cake at the same time represents a shared future. If the bride cuts the cake first, however, legend says it foretells a childless marriage. It’s bad luck if anyone refuses some of the wedding cake, for both the couple and the guest who rejected the dessert. If the bride keeps a piece of the cake, the husband will be unfaithful.

2. Carry her over the threshold.

Tradition says that a bride who trips entering the house will have bad luck, and if she takes her first step into her new house with her left foot, she’ll also have bad luck. So, grooms, after you exchange those matching wedding bands, be sure to carry your bride the traditional way!

3. Walking down the aisle.

Here’s an interesting one: playing Wagner’s “Wedding March” is also considered bad luck as it’s from the opera “Lohengrin,” which is a tragedy in which the bride betrays her groom and when he leaves, she dies. Also, it’s bad luck for the bride to look at anyone to the right or the left while walking down the aisle as it represents looking elsewhere for love.

4. Don’t start on time.

Good news if you're never quite on time! Your guests might not like this one, but you might want to consider starting your wedding a little late since starting the wedding on time is considered bad luck. Just don’t start too late!

5. Take a last glance.

It’s good luck for a bride to look at herself in a mirror before she leaves for the ceremony, but bad luck to go back for a second glance. It’s also bad luck for the bride to see herself fully dressed for the wedding, and is advised to leave something minor off (like a pin, or even her shoes) when admiring herself in the mirror.

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