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4 Sweet Viral Proposal Videos

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing

ISS 0893 04928Gentlemen, if you need a little inspiration for your upcoming proposal, take a look at some of the most watched proposal videos on the Internet. Ladies, watch these and be prepared to swoon.

I’ve been searching the internet for the cutest viral proposal videos out there, and I’ve rounded them up for you below. These videos illustrate some of the most elaborate and heartfelt proposals I’ve ever seen. All of them use a different tactic: a movie trailer, a lit up skyscraper, and more. I dare you to not crack a smile while watching these:

1. Movie Trailer

Matt told Ginny he had to work on a Saturday and got Ginny’s brother to take her to see a movie. As she’s watching the previews for the movie with her brother, she hears familiar voices and realizes that she’s watching a trailer for her own proposal. This movie trailer proposal incorporates romance, comedy, action, and drama. After Matt approaches the theater in the trailer, the camera moves to real time as he asks Ginny to marry him and presents her with a diamond ring.


2. Skyscraper

In this adorable video, Marzo asks his girlfriend, Lisa, to talk to a friend of his on the phone. She says hello and her name, and then the person on the other end hangs up (rude, right?). Then he asks her to look at the building they’re standing in front of, and it starts to light up with his proposal, “Lisa, will you marry me?” It takes a couple of minutes for her to calm down and actually accept his proposal, which is one reason this video is so darn cute.


3. Live Lip-Dub

It looks like Issac went through a whole lot of trouble to put this live lip-dub proposal together to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” It starts with Isaac’s brother telling the girlfriend he wanted to play her a song. The shenanigans start from there. Fun fact: it took more than 60 people to carry out this fun proposal!


4. Memes

Talk about creative– this guy almost exclusively used memes to propose to his girlfriend. Standing outside of the restaurant she was eating at, he holds up cards and asks her to marry him. After she says yes, he goes into the restaurant with flowers, gets down on one knee, and gives her a real speech.


If you’re planning on proposing soon, make sure you have the perfect diamond ring!

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing
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