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Trio Wedding Ring Sets – Style Review BT517W10K

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Trio Wedding Ring Sets - Style Review BT517W10K As you can tell from our name, we specialize in trio wedding ring sets. “What’s that?” you might ask. Trio ring wedding sets come with all three rings you’ll need for your walk down the aisle: an engagement ring and two wedding bands. Best of all, these rings are complementary, which looks great and symbolizes how deep your commitment runs for each other. All of our trio wedding ring sets are beautiful, but this one set in particular has our attention right now: style BT517W10K. Here are just a few reasons why we love it. 

1. Styling

This 7/8 CT. diamond trio matching wedding set is made with classic 10K white gold, and that’s just one of its many attributes. We love the detailing on this ring set. On each ring, the outside has a border of tiny indentations, which gives the ring a vintage feel and showcases the diamonds in the middle beautifully. The halo solitaire setting on the engagement ring is truly gorgeous, and the diamonds the surround the setting accent it perfectly.

2. Diamonds

There’s a total of 39 sparkling diamonds in this ring set. Each of the wedding bands has 9 diamonds each, and the engagement ring has a whopping 21 diamonds. All of the diamonds are natural and round cut. If you’ve been looking for a ring that glitters and gleams with every move of the hand, this might be the set for you!

3. Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what our wonderful customers have to say about this trio matching wedding ring set:

“I am in love with the pretty edges of this ring. I think it is absolutely stunning and give an antique feel to it. The diamond in the middle of the engagement band is gorgeous as well. I love that all the rings match and go together. If I was in the market for a new ring, I would love something
like this.” – Elise M.

“[Love] the setting if this ring! Love the simple feel to it ! Really like how the bands match perfectly to the main ring! Very reasonable price also !” – Bailey R.

“Gorgeous set! I love the design and I love that it’s not too thick, not too thin. Love that the diamonds are all around top. Love that the men’s band is simple enough for a guy to wear and not think it’s got too much going on. Would love to get a set like this for my husband and I. (just married a couple of weeks ago.) We would love to replace our super simple solid bands with these! Not a bad price either!” – Ryan T.

“I love how this ring set offers both the bride and groom to wear some bling! The classic design is perfect. I love the central theme that is carried out in all three of the rings’ designs. I also love that this ring has a slight vintage feel to it and has beautiful placements of diamonds. Another bonus is that this ring set is white gold (My favorite!).” – Anonymous

Bonus: this ring set is part of our extended Valentine’s Day sale. Be sure to check out our full selection of trio wedding ring sets.

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