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5 Wedding Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Holidays Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
4 wedding proposal ideas for valentine's day

Love it or hate it, the most romantic day of the year is on its way. After all, the stores have been decked out with cupids, red and pink hearts, and chocolate since the day after Christmas! Even though some might consider it a little cheesy, hear us out: proposing on Valentine’s Day can create a lasting, magical memory for both of you. We’re here to make sure you do it right, which is why we’re bringing you fun, creative, and romantic wedding proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day!

1. Valentine’s Cards

Remember those sweet and silly Valentine’s Day cards you used to buy for your classmates as a kid? You picked out your favorite theme and hoped no one in your class picked the same one. (Personally, I always went for the Disney princess ones…I know, totally typical.) Grab a pack of these from the store. Think about which theme or character would mean something to your partner — possibly pulling inspiration from an inside joke. On each of the cards, write one reason you love your partner. On the last card, ask her to be your wife and then present her with one of our sparkling solitaire diamond rings. You could give these to her all at once or hide them around the house for her to find in a scavenger hunt.

3. Let it Snow!

If it’s bound to snow where you are this time of the year, use it to your advantage! Suggest skipping the typical Valentine’s Day fancy dinner and instead suggest a night of fun sledding down hills of snow. Make sure to bundle up! At the bottom of the last hill, have someone set up “Will you marry me?” in lanterns or candles in bags (have your friend keep an eye on them until you get there). She’ll see it from the top, which is when you can drop to one knee and pop the question. Bring along some hot chocolate in a thermos for a toast!

2. Surprise!

Let’s face it: proposals are almost expected on Valentine’s Day, which means you should do everything you can to surprise her. (That doesn’t mean acting distant days or weeks beforehand.) Here’s just one way to throw an unexpected moment her way. Tell her you have dinner reservations at seven. If she’s expecting a proposal at all, she’s probably expecting it at the restaurant, so let’s mix it up. Arrange for there to be candles, flower petals, and other romantic things outside your front door. When you open the door on your way to dinner, let her take in the scene and then drop to one knee and ask her to be your wife. She’s almost guaranteed to be caught off guard.

4. Blast from the Past

Recreate your first Valentine’s Day together. Get the same type of flowers or chocolates. If you had dinner at a nice restaurant, make reservations at the same one. If you went and saw a movie, rent the movie you saw. Do everything you can to recreate that night. If there’s a night from your past that you feel is more special, recreate that one instead. At the end of the night, tell them you want to spend all the rest of Valentine’s Days together and propose.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Leave little notes with clues as to where the next one is, leading them to the final destination where you will propose. You could make the scavenger hunt like stroll down memory lane where they are directed to locations that hold significance to your relationship, like the first place you met, your first date, your first kiss, or wherever holds a special place in your heart.

If you’re gearing up for a Valentine’s Day proposal, make sure you have the ring ready. Take a look at our selection of glittering solitaire diamond rings to find the perfect one!

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing
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