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Styles for 2014 Bridal Rings

Wedding Rings

It’s a new year, which means new styles for bridal rings. Styles change in many ways from year to year: clothes, colors, patterns, and so forth. So it makes sense that certain styles would come and go for bridal rings. For example, white gold rings have currently been more in style the past few years than yellow gold rings. But a ring can be both en vogue and timeless. (In fact, we dare you to point out any of our rings that won’t stand the test of time!) Let’s see what’s all the rage is for bridal wedding ring sets in 2014:

Solitaires with Halos

Solitaire diamond rings are simply classic. If you have an elegant and polished sense of style, a solitaire diamond ring might be the way to go. There’s a new trend with solitaires for 2014: putting a halo around it to give it a more dramatic effect. The halos are usually square or circular, and you’ll often see them around a smaller solitaire setting.

Two Bands

Here’s another trend to look for in the new year: bridal wedding ring sets with bands on either side of the engagement ring. If you’re already married, you can buy another band for your anniversary to attain this look. If you fall in love with a particular style of wedding ring, you can simply add an extra ladies’ band to your order to get the look!

Cluster Diamond Heads

If you’re looking for a ring that’s not a solitaire, a cluster or composite ring might be the way to represent your personal style. These rings will give you a more dramatic look and are very much in fashion this year. They have a striking look with small but numerous glittering diamonds.

Yellow Gold

It’s back! Yellow gold rings are making a comeback this year. Many brides-to-be are going back to this traditional style because overall jewelry trends are leaning back toward yellow gold. Rose gold is also an up-and-coming contender.

Petite Ring Settings

Petite ring settings make your center stone look bigger, so it’s no wonder that they’re rapidly becoming one of the hottest bridal ring styles for 2014. Smaller ring settings especially work well with solitaire heads. Bonus: petite ring settings are less expensive!

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