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3 of Our Best Reviewed Diamond Engagement Rings

We try not to play favorites here at My Trio Rings, but that certainly doesn’t stop our customers from doing so. We don't want to make our other rings feel bad, but some of our rings sure do get a lot of love from our customers! Today we’re bringing you a list of diamond rings that have gotten our customers’ stamp of approval from My Trio Rings reviews. If you’re looking for a ring that’s been cherished and loved by others, look no further.

1. 1/8 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

For an engagement ring that’s stunning but understated, this 1/8 CT. ring is for you.. It’s made with 10K white gold and sparkles with seven natural, round-cut diamonds. Here’s what our customers have to say about it:

“Love my ring! I ordered it and had it on my finger showing it off in 7 days! The people you talk to are so helpful and kind! :)” - Charles R., MS

“I loved the ring. It was much cheaper then all the competitors (which is nice), but also I think it is much prettier then the other rings I looked at. Thanks!” - Evan J., TN

2. 1/2 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

We just love this cluster head 1/2 CT. diamond engagement ring, and so do our customers. This ring is made with 14K white gold and has a whopping total of 49 glittering diamonds. Check out the intricate detailing on the band! Our customers wrote:

“Besides this being a beautiful ring I love how unique the cut of the stone is. Everything about it screams Marry me!” - Brittany F., England

“I love the simplicity of this ring. It is so delicate with an attention to detail. Not only that but I love the price. Where can you get a ring like this in this price range nowadays? But I jut love the look and price of this ring.” - Amy G.

3. 1 CT. Diamond Engagement Ring

You really can’t ever go wrong with a solitaire diamond ring, and this ring is proof of its classic appeal. Our 1 CT. diamond engagement ring is made with 14K white gold, and it has a solitaire setting with two lines of princess-cut diamonds in the band. Here are a few of our customers' comments:

“I love this style of ring because it isn't too much but it's gorgeous! It would look amazing on, and wouldn't be too big for everyday use.” - Mallory B., MI

“I liked this ring because it is simple and classic. I absolutely love princess cut style. I think it is so classy and elegant. I also love the white gold. I think it looks more expensive.” - Elly, R.

“Absolutely stunning ring!! Great looking diamond!!” - Denisha, T.

Which ring is right for you? Check out our entire selection of diamond engagement rings, as well as all of our My Trio Rings reviews!

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