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4 New Year’s Wedding Proposal Ideas

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
4 new year's wedding proposal ideas

This time of year is called the holiday season for a reason. Not only do we have holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, but we also have New Year’s to look forward to! New Year’s Eve or Day is the perfect symbolic time for a marriage proposal. You’re reflecting back on your relationship while making a promise for a new start in the coming year. Plus, it’s a pretty magical occasion. Think of the fireworks, the countdowns, and the confetti. If you’re thinking about a New Year’s proposal, here are a few wedding proposal ideas to consider:

1. Countdown

If you’re planning on being at a New Year’s Eve party this year, work your proposal into the countdown. Right before the countdown begins, tell your sweetheart that you want to tell her why she’s the one for you. Give her a reason in between each number. (You’ll want to come up with them and practice ahead of time so you’re not struggling through the list.) Then, when the clock strikes midnight, ask her to marry you. The great thing about this proposal idea is that you can make it as private or as public as you want. For example, if you want the moment to be a little more intimate, just whisper “will you marry me?” in her ear. If you want it to be more public, get on your knee and ask in front of all your friends.

2. Calendar

New Year’s is a time of both reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead. Grab a calendar for 2013. Go through the calendar and write down your favorite memories over the past year. Include anniversaries, birthdays, trips, holidays together, and more. The more detailed you can make this, the better. Include photos where you can. Then, either on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, tell her you forgot to give her this one last present. Let her go through the calendar. When she gets to the end, present her with one of our glittering diamond rings and ask her to marry you.

3. Resolutions

Tell your partner that you want to make resolutions together. Give her about a week to come up with hers. Then, arrange a time on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day when you can read them together. Plan it so that you will read her resolutions out loud first. Then, allow her to read yours out loud. After she’s done, tell her she forgot one and hand her a slip of paper that says something like, “make [her name] my wife.” While she’s reading it, get down on one knee and get ready to give her your speech!

4. Restaurant

If you’re a traditionalist, you can’t go wrong with a restaurant proposal. Make a reservation at her absolute favorite restaurant. You can even go all out and leave her money that morning to go shopping for a new outfit. (Or, if you’re fashionable enough to know what she likes, pick up an outfit for her by yourself.) You could also have a car pick you both up to take you to the restaurant. You can do a restaurant proposal a variety of ways. The ring could be at the bottom of a glass of champagne. It could be on a covered plate they bring out for dessert. Just make sure your waiter knows what to do!

If you’re popping the question soon, make sure you have one of our sparkling diamond rings to accompany your proposal. Don’t forget that you’ll get 10% your wedding band purchase when you purchase your engagement ring from us!

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