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3 More Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing

03D69089Last week, I gave you three wedding proposal ideas for this magical holiday season. If none of those seemed quite right, I have a few more suggestions for you to consider. However, all of these wedding proposal ideas have a twist: they involve Santa Claus!

Santa can be the perfect accomplice in your proposal masterplan. He’s jolly, loveable, and just embodies Christmas cheer. You don’t necessarily have to be the one to dress up as Santa. You can always get a loved one to dress up in that red suit. Just a warning– all of these suggestions are going to take some planning (but will be worth the effort!).

Proposing with Santa

1. Christmas Eve Delivery

This idea requires you to have a friend dress up as Santa. Late on Christmas Eve, ask a friend or a family member to make sounds on your roof. You’ll want to mimic what it would sound like if Santa was up there with his reindeer. Then, once your love is curious about what’s making that clatter, take her out in front of the house. When she goes outside, Santa should be in your front yard. To make this even better, you can hire a reindeer to be on your front lawn with him. Have Santa give you presents, handing you a couple of packages first. They can simply be wrapped boxes. Then, have Santa give her the wrapped engagement ring. As she’s unwrapping it and opening the box, get down on one knee and pop the question.

2. Mall Magic 

Ask your local department store to let you play Santa for a short period of time. Get a friend or a family member to take your sweetheart shopping at the mall. When the time is right, your friend needs to convince your partner to sit on Santa’s lap for a photo. Once she does, give her one of our sparkling solitaire diamond rings and ask her to marry you. Even though the mall might be the easiest option, this idea can work in a variety of places. It will work wherever you know Santa will be (for example, a Christmas tree farm).

3. Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Convince your sweetheart that you both should dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for a holiday event. One idea is to partner with a local business to give children another chance to sit on Santa’s lap. Another idea is to have her dress up under the pretense of taking a picture for a holiday card with local children or a local business. When you’re ready, drop to one knee and ask your Mrs. Claus to marry you. Keep in mind that in the photos of her getting engaged she will be dressed as Mrs. Claus, so make sure you have a type of girl that wouldn’t mind that before putting this plan into action.

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