3 Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas

Posted by My Trio Rings on 11th Dec 2013

3 Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas
It's the most wonderful time of the year...especially for proposals! The holiday season is the most popular time of the year to pop that all-important question, and there's no question as to why. Everything and everyone seems more alive, and there's a sense of hope, joy, and love in the air. This time of the year is truly magical-- just take a look outside! Lights are in the trees, snow is on the ground, and Christmas music is coming through every open doorway. All of these things combined creates the most romantic time of the year and presents the perfect opportunity to get on one knee. If you know you want to propose this holiday season, but you're not sure how, check out these wedding proposal ideas:

1. Christmas Lights

Okay, here's your warning up front: this idea is going to take a lot of work, But you know what they say: big risk, big rewards! Here it is-- write out your proposal with Christmas lights on your house. Start by making sure your sweetheart will be gone all day so she can't interfere or spot what you're up to. Next, you're probably going to want to enlist some help. Think about whether you want the lights to be white, colored, twinkling, etc. Then get to work! You can spell it out on your house, her house, a house you share together, a family home, or maybe even a building that means a lot to her or you as a couple. Be creative! Just keep imagining her face when she sees her name in lights and you standing next to her on one knee.

2. In Flight

Will you be traveling this holiday season? If you want a memorable public proposal, consider proposing while you're on the plane. That way, you'll arrive to your destination as an engaged couple and can share the news with all your friends and family. Here's how you do it. First, search our selection of diamond rings and pick out the perfect one. Then, talk to the flight attendants when you first get on the plane without making it obvious to your sweetheart. Ask them if you can use the speaker system to propose in mid flight. When you think the time is right, make sure she's not sleeping and then tell her you have to go to the bathroom. Instead, you'll go to the front of the plane and use the speaker system to propose.

3. Ice Skating

Even if you or your partner aren't big ice skaters, this proposal idea can still work for you. I recommend an outdoor rink. There's something really romantic about ice skating on a rink surrounded by lit trees while listening to Christmas music. If you want a more private proposal, you can call ahead and rent the rink for an hour or so. If you want a public proposal, just go for it. You can also call ahead and request they play her favorite Christmas song at a certain time. Then, when you hear it, take her to the middle of the rink and launch into your speech about how much she means to you. Then present her with a sparkling diamond ring. (You might have to forgo getting down on one knee with this option as it might prove difficult.) If you're proposing this holiday season, make sure you have everything you need. Check out our selection of diamond rings so you can cross off the most important element on your to-do list!