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The Meaning Behind Promise Rings

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promise rings

promise ringsLet’s talk about promise rings. If you’re like me, when you think of promise rings, you automatically think of a high school boyfriend giving it to his high school girlfriend as a pre-engagement ring. However, promise rings have the potential to be so much more. A promise ring simply represents a promise (that’s right, it’s not just a clever name!). It’s a symbol of commitment, and it typically holds the promise of the future in some way. There are two main types of significance for a promise ring: (1) to make a promise to someone else; or (2) to make a promise to yourself.

Making a Promise to Someone Else

Over the years, the time spent in average relationship before an engagement has gotten longer and longer. People have become more career-oriented today than in the past. This is especially true for women since it wasn’t that long ago that females weren’t often a part of the work world and were expected to be stay-at-home wives and moms. Because our current culture is so focused on career advancement, there are bound to be times that are simply not ideal to be engaged. For example, you could be in a serious relationship, but because you’re going through a transition at your job, you’re not able to devote time to planning or even thinking about getting married. However, you still want to express your love and commit yourself in some way to your partner. That’s where one of our diamond promise rings can sweep in and save the day!

And promise rings don’t just have to be a promise of future engagement. Instead, a promise ring could signify a commitment to anything important to you and your significant other. Maybe you present the ring to your love with a promise to stop smoking, to cutback on your hours at work, or simply to appreciate your partner more.

Making a Promise to Yourself

Recently, the idea of having a ceremony to recommit to loving yourself has gained some traction. Just look at I Married Me, a website that sells kits for having a self-wedding complete with vows and daily affirmation cards. The idea of taking some time to focus on yourself is not a new idea. In fact, I’m sure you’ve used that in a break-up speech before, right?

I think a lot of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to take time to appreciate ourselves. It’s not easy to truly know, embrace, and love who you are. That can take time and a lot of soul-searching. Maybe you’ve just gotten out of a long string of bad relationships. Or maybe you’re moving to a new city with a new job and just need some “you” time. Whatever the reason, a promise ring is the perfect way to remind yourself of your commitment to putting yourself first for a little while.

If you’re ready to make a promise to your partner or to yourself, check out our collection of diamond promise rings.

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