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Find Perfect Matching Wedding Rings for Your Engagement Ring

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matching engagement ring and wedding band

matching wedding ringsWe do a lot of things well here at My Trio Rings– our customer service, our low prices, and our accessibility. Here’s another thing to add to that list: finding the perfect matching wedding band for your engagement ring. Our huge selection of matching wedding rings and bands in different styles makes it easier for you to pair your bands to existing rings.

Keep in mind that both your engagement ring and your wedding band are investments. These are the rings you’ll be wearing the rest of your life, so you’ll want to make sure you that you love them and that they complement each other well. Here are some helpful tips to follow when trying to match a band to your diamond engagement ring.

1. Metals

If you’re only going to have two rings, you probably want your metals to match (unless you are going for contrast). If you have a white gold engagement ring, it’s probably going to look best with a white gold wedding band. However, if you have a two-tone engagement ring (one with both yellow and white gold), you could choose a wedding band that also incorporates both of the metals or just choose one metal over the other. If you’re going to have three rings, the combination of white gold and yellow gold could work really well if arranged with alternating metals. It all just depends on what your personal style is!

2. Shapes

Most often, the wedding band should be able to sit comfortably under your engagement ring without a noticeable gap. This means that you need to pay attention to the lines in your engagement ring. If it’s in a straight line, finding a matching wedding band should be no problem. However, if your engagement ring has a large prong setting or a curve, you’ll need to accommodate for that when searching for your wedding band. We sell all types of wedding bands that fit a variety of shapes of engagement rings. While you’re shopping, keep in mind the lines that you prefer.

3. Stone Cuts

If you want your engagement ring to match your wedding band, you need to consider stone cuts when searching for matching wedding rings. You’ll likely want to pair stone cuts that offset each other well. For example, a solitaire diamond engagement ring with round diamonds might look best with a round diamond wedding band because there’s symmetry between the two.

Start browsing our matching wedding rings and find your diamond engagement ring’s perfect match!

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