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3 More Thanksgiving Wedding Proposal Ideas

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing

Thanksgiving is a popular holiday for marriage proposals. Maybe it has to do with the homey smells of a roast turkey dinner and a roaring fire. Or maybe it’s because when you start to count your blessings, you realize who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Last week, I gave you three ideas for popping that all-important question on Thanksgiving with one of our beautiful women’s engagement rings. If you’ve checked out the previous three wedding proposal ideas and are still looking for more inspiration, here you go! 

1. First Thing in the Morning

If you’re looking for a private proposal, consider asking her first thing in the morning. This is one way of making a holiday proposal more intimate. You get the excitement of proposing and being engaged around the holidays without having to ask the question in front of friends and family. Plus, there’s a variety of ways you can do it to suit her personal tastes. You could slip the engagement ring on her finger while she’s sleeping and let her discover it on her own when she wakes up. Then all you have to do is launch into your proposal speech! Just make sure you’re awake and ready before she wakes up.

You could also surprise her with breakfast in bed or a mimosa before asking the big question. Wake her up, and tell her that today is special and you should start celebrating. That presents the perfect opportunity to tell her why you want to marry her. By
asking first thing Thanksgiving morning, you’ll also have the whole
holiday and holiday weekend to celebrate with friends and family.

2. Before or After Thanksgiving Dinner

Proposing at the dinner table in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner is tricky and can be a little awkward. Some people would rather propose in a more intimate setting. If you know she wants family and friends to be involved in the proposal, go for the dinner proposal. If not, then do it before or after when you can have some private time. If you do it before, you can announce it together during Thanksgiving dinner. Or, you can wait until dessert. Pull her aside and tell her why you’re thankful for her, then ask her to marry you. After she accepts, you can announce it together with a toast. These proposal ideas still allow your family and friends to be involved, but it also allows you and your sweetheart to have a private moment as a newly engaged couple before announcing your news. And because this is such a big decision, she might even thank you for not surprising her with the question while everyone stares at her from the dinner table.

3. Thanksgiving Parade

Does the love of your life love parades? If so, presenting her with an engagement ring at a Thanksgiving parade might be the most memorable option. Envision this: you’re both all bundled up watching all these festivities, Christmas music is in the air, and a smile is on her face. Then you make the moment even more extraordinary by getting down on one knee. Imagine her surprise when she realizes what you’re up to! Will you be spending Thanksgiving in a smaller town? If so, you you could try coordinating with the city so that you could propose from a float. Of course, this course of action will take some advance planning and coordinating. Either way, you’ve got a special moment on your hands!

However you choose to propose, start by finding the perfect ring from our women’s engagement rings selection. 

Modern Couple's Guide To Proposing
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