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Hers & Hers: Matching Same-Sex Rings You'll Both Love

Finding the perfect wedding bands can be a challenge. You have to find a band that matches your engagement ring, as well as manage to perfectly capture your style. After all, your wedding band is a ring you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life.

It can complicate matters even further when you and your partner decide to get matching same-sex rings because you’ll have to find a set that suits both of you. That’s where we come in! My Trio Rings offers tons of beautifully crafted rings at a reasonable price. There’s bound to be a set (or two! or three!) that you and your sweetheart will both love. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite sets of partner rings:

1. If you both have engagement rings that you’ll also wear forever, take a look at these 1/2 carat round cut rings that will elegantly complement any engagement ring. These bands are crafted in 14K white gold, and each ring has 18 natural, conflict-free diamonds.

2. If you and your partner prefer thicker bands with a little flash, these 3/4 carat round cut matching same sex rings are perfect. The lines in these 14K white gold rings have a classic feel to them. Each ring features six sparkling diamonds.

3. Looking for something slim and simple? Take a look at these 1/5 carat round cut partner rings. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t have an impact! Each of these 14K white gold rings sparkles with 24 brilliant diamonds that are guaranteed to be eye-catching.

4. Not a fan of the round cut diamond rings? Be dazzled by these 1/2 carat baguette cut matching same-sex rings. These exquisitely crafted bands are made with 14K white gold. Each ring has 21 glittering diamonds.

5. Our final pick is another set of partner rings that will pair beautifully with any engagement ring. You can slip these 1/2 carat round cut rings right under your engagement rings without any trouble. Each ring is made with 14K white gold and has 20 sunlight-catching diamonds.

Do some more looking around from the comfort of your own home through our new ladies’ same-sex wedding bands pages.

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