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His & His: Matching Same-Sex Rings for Any Style

If you and your partner have been searching for wedding bands that perfectly represent your devotion to one another, you’ve come to the right place. Here at My Trio Rings, we’re committed to crafting exquisite rings that speak to people from all walks of life. And, the best part is, you can look and order right from your home without any pesky salespeople bothering you! Today we want to help you on your search for gay men’s wedding rings by highlighting some of our favorite matching same-sex rings. 

1. If you want rings that are simple, yet still have a touch of glamour to them, look no further than this 5/8 carat baguette cut men's same-sex wedding band set. These beautiful rings are made with 14K white gold, and each ring has 18 natural, sparkling diamonds.

2. Looking for something with a little more pizzazz? Check out these 1/2 carat round cut gay men’s wedding rings. The arrangement of the diamonds in three separate diagonal lines is striking and will be sure to attract attention. These rings are made with 14K white gold, and each ring has 17 conflict-free diamonds.

3. If you and the love of your life are looking for a ring that’s a little more intricate, consider this 2/3 carat round cut set. On the outside of the ring, there are two lines of twisted metal, and the diamonds are nestled in the middle. Each 14K white gold ring has 9 glittering diamonds.

4. Looking for something with flash? Check out this 1 3/8 carat round cut matching same sex rings. Each of these rings has three lines of diamonds that are guaranteed to catch the sunlight beautifully. Each ring is made with 10K gold and has 27 diamonds.

5. Here’s another set that’s sure to stand out in a crowd: our 1/5 carat round cut wedding band set. These beautifully detailed rings are made with 10K white gold. Each ring has 9 natural diamonds.

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