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New Landing Pages for Same-Sex Wedding Bands

partner ringWe’re extremely excited to announce that our pages for same sex wedding bands are now live! Previously, each of our matching wedding band sets had a “ladies’ ring” and a “men’s ring,” but now we have pages in which you and the love of your life can truly have matching wedding bands. We have a page for men’s same-sex partner rings and women’s same-sex partner rings

This summer, in celebration of the recent Defense Against Marriage Act ruling, we did a series of posts on gay wedding rings and same-sex wedding tips. Here is a quick recap of those posts in case you missed some of them.

1. Same Sex Wedding Ideas Part I and Part II: If you need some tips on your upcoming nuptials, check out these posts! It covers how to word invitations, what traditions to include, what to wear, who should be in your wedding party, and more. 

2. Trends in Same Sex Wedding Traditions: This post discusses the latest trends for same-sex weddings that were gathered from the first-ever same-sex wedding survey. It covers proposals, wedding planning, wedding traditions, and honeymoons.

3. Matching Wedding Bands for Your Same-Sex Wedding: This post looks at some of our favorite matching wedding band sets. If one of you prefers a wider band and the other a more narrow band, these sets would work great for you. If you both want the exact same ring, similar rings are now on our men’s same-sex partner rings and women’s same-sex partner rings pages. 

Do you have any same-sex wedding tips you'd like to share? Let us know!

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