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Must-Watch Viral Video: Home Depot Same-Sex Proposal

Have you seen this video of an adorable same-sex marriage proposal that took place at Home Depot?

Shopper Dustin just thought he was going into the store to help his roommate pick out something for the apartment. Little did he know that he was about to experience a life-changing moment. His friends and family do a flash mob dance to Betty Who's "Somebody Loves You." The actual proposal begins when Spencer, Dustin's boyfriend (and now fiance!), comes out with a lyric from the song on a poster board: "If I'm good to you, won't you be good to me?" Watch for yourself (but you might just get a little misty-eyed, so have those tissues ready...):


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You never know...maybe the next time you go to Home Depot, there could be a flash mob waiting for you.

Are you sure you’ve found “the one,” but you’re both just not ready for a proposal yet? Try presenting your lady with a promise ring instead! 

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