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4 Tips for a Woman Proposing to a Man

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
4 tips for a woman proposing to a man

Has your guy been dropping hints about marriage but hasn’t popped the question yet? Or would you prefer to take the first step and do the asking? Although it’s not necessarily common for a female to propose to a male, it’s not all that crazy either, folks. So, ladies, if you’re thinking about proposing to a man, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Give him a gift.

When a man proposes, he usually presents his girlfriend with a sparkling diamond engagement ring. Well, guess what ladies: you can give your man a mangagement ring. A ring on the left hand doesn’t have to signify a wedding band. It can also be a token of your engagement! Or, if you’re not into the mangagement trend, you can give your beau a heartfelt gift that you know he would appreciate to commemorate the occasion.

2. Don’t feel pressured to be traditional.

You’re already foregoing tradition by asking yourself (good for you!), so you don’t have to incorporate other traditional aspects of a proposal if you don’t want to. Instead of getting down on one knee with a diamond engagement ring, try asking in a way that has an emotional connection to your partner or in a place that means something to you as a couple. 

3. Make sure it’s not misconstrued.

If you’re proposing marriage with the intent that you both will now become an engaged couple, make sure that the seriousness of this question registers with your sweetheart. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t ask in a fun way. It just means that you don’t want your proposal to come off as simply a conversation topic. Let him know that this is the real thing, not just a hypothetical scenario.

4. Anticipate the reaction.

Before you take the leap, consider your relationship and if you think you both are ready to get married. How long have you been together? Have you both talked about the future in detail? In addition, prepare yourself for his reaction. Most people are surprised to some degree when faced with a proposal, but your boyfriend might be even more surprised because of the non-traditional choice you’ve made to do it yourself. If you’re ready, take a deep breath and go for it!

Any ladies out there considering proposing to their beau? Trust me, it will definitely be an option for me when the time comes. 

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