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Matching Wedding Bands for Your Same-Sex Wedding

https://www.mytriorings.com/WB137W10K-1/3-Carat-T.W.-Diamond-His-And-Hers-Wedding-Band-Set-10K-White-Gold.htmlBecause of the recent Defense Against Marriage Act ruling, same-sex marriage has been on our minds now more than ever. We are delighted to provide beautiful wedding bands to all couples and know you will find the right fit for you and your spouse-to-be in our selection.

In order to better serve our customers who are same-sex couples, we’ve been trying to understand which kinds of wedding ring sets different couples prefer. Over time, we’ll be updating our site based on what we learn from our customers (so please share your feedback in the comments or via email). Until then, however, I’d like to share some of my favorite matching wedding bands that would shine at your same-sex wedding.

In each of these matching wedding band sets, there is a “ladies’ ring” and a “men’s ring.” Although each ring in these sets is gendered in name, the rings themselves do not differ much. The “men’s ring” is typically about 1 mm wider than the “ladies’ ring.” These sets would be ideal if one of you prefers a wider band and the other prefers a more narrow band.

Matching wedding bands are a great option because they emphasize the bond and unity between you and the love of your life. They’re also timeless and elegant without too much masculine or feminine flair.

We also now offer a discount for buying two wedding bands at once, so you and your partner can have the flexibility to choose your perfect rings, while getting the savings of buying a pair. If you both would like to have exactly the same wedding band or prefer to mix and match rings from different sets, simply add both bands to your shopping cart and use checkout coupon 2BANDS to receive a 10% discount when you buy.

Matching Wedding Bands for Your Same-Sex Wedding

1. These 1/3 carat matching wedding bands with a harlequin-esque pattern are anything but boring. This particular set is made in 10K white gold and features 16 round-cut natural, conflict-free diamonds. The “men’s ring” in the particular set is about 1 mm wider and has a few more diamonds than the “ladies’ ring.”

2. Want something simple and classic? Consider these 1/2 carat bands, which are made in 14K yellow gold and are encrusted with 28 round-cut diamonds. For this set, the “men’s” ring is only .11 mm wider than the “ladies’ ring;” however, there are 11 diamonds at 1/4 cts in the “men’s ring” and 17 diamonds at 1/5 cts in the “ladies’ ring,” which differentiates the two.

3. Check out these bold matching wedding bands! They are 1/5 carat, round-cut, and conflict-free diamonds set in 14K yellow gold rings. Each ring has 6 diamonds, 3 toward the left of the ring and 3 toward the right. The “men’s ring” is around 1 mm wider than the “ladies’ ring” in this set.

4. If you and your partner prefer baguette-cut diamonds to round-cut diamonds, this baguette diamond set might be for you. The 1/2 carat diamond rings really sparkle and catch the light. These matching wedding bands are set in 14K white gold. The “men’s ring” is .25mm wider than the “ladies’ ring,” and the “ladies’ ring” has 2 more diamonds than the “men’s ring.”

If none of these suit you and your spouse-to-be’s taste, check out our entire selection of gay matching wedding rings and unisex ladies wedding ring sets. If you and your sweetheart would like to wear different rings, browse our ladies’ wedding band section and our men's wedding band section and when you add two single rings to cart, use code 2BANDS to receive a 10% off discount that matches the same discount given for buying a typical wedding ring set versus individual rings!

What kind of rings are you looking for? Tell us in the comments!

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