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4 Ideas for Proposing on Your College Campus

Remember college, that magical place where you went to raging parties, pulled countless all-nighters, and met your college sweetheart, who is still the love of your life? Whether these memories of college are fresh in your mind or are more than a few years old, your college campus is a fantastic place to pop the question.

Here are a few ideas for proposing on your college campus:

The Place Where You Met

Is there really any place that means as much to you as a couple than the place you met? Write a note and tell your partner to meet you “where it all began.” Decorate the area with candles and flowers, and when your partner arrives, drop to one knee and present your sweetheart with a diamond cluster ring.

A Meaningful, or Beautiful, Spot on Campus

Many college campuses have places that are special to the college for a variety of reasons. At the University of Kansas, for example, undergraduates do not walk underneath the Campanile tower until graduation day. This superstition and the beauty of Campanile Hill make it a popular proposal spot for former students. Some other examples are the Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern University, or the Grotto of Our Lady Lourdes at Notre Dame. Use that unique and meaningful spot on your campus as the backdrop for your proposal.

Student Union or Dining Hall

Take your sweetheart to the place where you shared a countless number of meals. You could even arrange for the kitchen to make her favorite meal and serve it on a tray with the diamond cluster ring. Arrange for your college friends to show up after you propose and join you for dessert.

Sporting Event

If you and your sweetheart share a love of sports, why not propose to your partner at a home game for the team that you spent at least four years pulling for? You could even display your proposal message on the scoreboard!

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Image credit: Ed Bierman
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