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7 Tips for Selling Used Wedding Items Online

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selling used wedding itemsIf you’re like most people, your wedding is the only time you’ll buy an expensive article of clothing that you’ll wear just once. Fortunately, you can recoup much of that expense and help brides-to-be save money by selling your wedding items online. In a previous post, “Where to Buy and Sell Used Wedding Items,” we covered the trend that is saving money and environmental resources. In this follow-up post, we’ll share a few tips for minimizing hassles when selling used wedding items online.

How to Sell Used Wedding Items Online

1. Select the items you’ll be selling.

Decide which items you’d like to sell, which you’d like to keep, and which need to be thrown away. Selling lower-priced items like barrettes or certain decorations may be more hassle than it’s worth. However, higher-dollar items like your dress and wedding jewelry are likely to be worth your while. Clean items as necessary; see the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists site to find a green wedding dress cleaning service near you. 

2. Choose the right sites.

Find the sites that best suit what you’re selling. Tradesy Weddings (formerly Recycled Bride), Bravo Bride, and Encore Bridal are a few popular sites with a variety of items for sale. Most have an FAQ section to help you list your items. You can also list your items in the classified sections of sites like The Knot and Wedding Bee

3. Price competitively.

Research how similar used wedding items are priced and choose a price for each of your items that’s close to the going rate. 

4. Take high-quality photos.

Photograph each item with a good camera in a well-lit room. Using natural light and no flash makes items look more appealing. Resist the temptation to simply post a photo of you wearing the dress on your wedding day — no bride wants to see someone else wearing her dress! Instead, photograph your wedding dress on a dressform mannequin if you have access to one, or crop the photo of you at the neck and shoulders.

5. Describe your items.

Write a brief, accurate description of each item. Potential buyers will probably be scanning many descriptions, so grab their attention by adding enthusiasm and a personal touch. For example, if you received any compliments on your dress, share them!

6. Choose your secure payment service.

Read any recommendations on receiving secure payment via the sites where you’ll be listing your items (see this example from Preownedweddingdresses.com) and choose your payment service.

7. Be responsive to buyer inquiries.  

Watch your email for questions from potential buyers. If they don’t hear back from you quickly, they may dismiss you as flaky and move on to another seller. Once someone purchases an item from you, ship it as promised. Keep in mind that the buyer’s wedding may be approaching soon, so be prompt.

If you’ve sold used wedding items online, what other tips can you share? Leave a comment!

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