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A Budget Wedding and Budget Honeymoon in One!

Honey Moon On a Budget

If the idea of planning a budget wedding makes you break
outin hives, then perhaps coordinating all the details of a more conventionalwedding just isn’t for you. Some couples opt for more simple, budget-friendlyoptions such as tying the knot at city hall and then hosting a small receptionat a favorite restaurant.
Other couples like the idea of combining theirwedding and honeymoon in one package with a destination wedding or a budgetwedding at sea on a cruise. Indeed, a cruise can be an affordable way tointegrate a budget wedding and a budget honeymoon.

Benefits of a Budget Wedding on Open Water

1. Someone Else Will Be in Charge

If you plan a budget wedding on a cruise ship, most of thework is already done for you. You just need to bring a wedding dress andinexpensive wedding rings. Many cruise ships even
offer tuxedo rentals onboard. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while someoneelse takes care of all the wedding details, such as arranging music, food, andphotography as part of your cruise wedding package.

2. You Will Be Pampered

Even if you stay in the least expensive stateroom with noextras, you can’t avoid being pampered. Someone else makes your bed, takes outyour trash, and brings your free room service. Gourmet three-course dining islikely also included in your package, with
a few specialty restaurantsavailable for an additional splurge. If you want to splurge, you can also spendtime being pampered at the ship’s spa, perhaps indulging in a couple’s massagebefore or after the budget wedding. Whether or not you decide to
partake insome of the extras onboard ship, just remember to include tips in your budgetwedding / budget honeymoon cost estimates so that you can show appreciation tothe people who do the pampering.

3. You Will Be Entertained

Amenities differ by cruise ship and cruise line, but mosthave something for everyone to enjoy. While you are on the cruise ship, you canlikely kick back by the pool, read in the library, have a mini-golfcompetition, learn to ice skate, unwind in the hot
tub, view free theatricalperformances, take classes, or participate in a wide variety of other freeactivities.

4. You Can Have Adventures

When the cruise ship is at port, you can venture off on yourown to enjoy a more private budget honeymoon or participate in adventures withyour wedding guests. You can probably go parasailing, take a jeep tour, exploreancient ruins, go swimming with dolphins
or sea turtles or sting rays, ride ona pirate ship or glass-bottom boat, climb a waterfall, take a horse andcarriage ride, go scuba diving, take a hike, go shopping, or relax in a hammockon the beach, depending on where you are and depending on your
budget andtastes.

You can make a luxurious,all-inclusive cruise vacation work well for your budget wedding and honeymoon.Get started by picking affordable rings today!

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