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Keep Your Secret Proposal a Secret

Modern Couples Guide to Proposing
keep your proposal a secret

You are planning the ultimate secret proposal to
surpriseyour girlfriend and make her into your fiance. You have made special reservationsat her favorite restaurant. You are choreographing a Gangnam Style proposalflash mob.Or
maybe you are planning a special proposal at home. You are also looking forthe perfect diamond cluster ring. Make sure that as you are planning a secretproposal to sweep her off her feet that you are careful not to spoil thesurprise!

Maintain Your SecretProposal

1. Watch What You Puton Facebook

Some stores ask if you wish to share your purchase on socialmedia such as Facebook. It is best to disable such options when you purchase adiamond cluster ring. But also be careful of what you and your friends say onFacebook. If anyone is in on the
secret proposal,then make sure they don’t publicly hint that something is up.

2. Don’t Tell AnyoneElse

Better yet, the best way to keep anyone else from spillingthe beans is to simply not tell them. If you absolutely must coordinate withsomeone to determine her ring size or collaborate
on a flash mob, then be certain to swear those individuals tosecrecy and wait to tell anyone else until you’re ready to share the big newstogether as a newly engaged couple.

3. Communicate withCaution

While you are purchasing an engagement ring for your secretengagement, be sure to keep any necessary communication private, whether it bewith your online jeweler or her favorite spa. Change your email password. Give your emails
uninterestingtitles related to sports or something else besides proposals and rings. Makearrangements on your work phone or through your work email.

Pick the perfectdiamond cluster ring for your secret engagement!

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