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5 Tips for Proposing on Thanksgiving

It is now October,
and before you know it, the holiday season – and the proposal season – will be
here. Thanksgiving, for example, is a time to share love and togetherness with family
and friends. It is time to share food and fellowship with no ulterior motive except
expressing our gratitude and enjoying each other’s company. As a time of
thankfulness and togetherness, it is also an excellent time to show gratitude
for the love in your life by proposing on Thanksgiving. So pick out a diamond
solitaire engagement ring and get started with your proposal plan!

Ideas for Proposing
on Thanksgiving

1. Many people have a Thanksgiving tradition of taking a
long walk or hike on Thanksgiving to get some fresh air and burn some calories
before or after the big meal. If hiking is on your turkey day agenda, just choose
a particularly scenic or meaningful hiking destination, and find the best
moment for the big reveal of the diamond solitaire engagement ring.

2. You are thankful for all that your girlfriend brings to
your life. When sharing gratitude around the Thanksgiving dinner table, share
all that you are thankful for about her, and punctuate your heartfelt remarks
by asking her to spend the rest of her life with you.

3. Spend the morning in the kitchen together, cooking
cranberries and squash, making bread, preparing the turkey. Come from behind when
she is stirring one of the many bowls on the counter and give her a surprise hug
with a diamond solitaire engagement ring in your hand.

4. Once both of you are full of delicious food and happy
thoughts, bring pumpkin pie, apple pie, and coffee to the table. Bring her a
cup of coffee or tea with a ring hidden between the saucer and the coffee cup
that she will find when she begins to sip her drink.

5. If you are thinking about proposing on Thanksgiving, think about what other activities you are likely to engage in.
Do you have a family tradition to work puzzles or play board games? Hide a ring
box in with the game or puzzle before asking her to help set up the game to

Are you thinking
about proposing on Thanksgiving? Get started shopping

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