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A Vision of an Outdoor Budget Wedding

You’ve found the love of a lifetime. You’ve proposed.
You’ve chosen a trio wedding ring set together. But now that the time has come,
what will your budget wedding actually be like? Feeling stumped? Picture this

It is a gorgeous fall day. The sun shines brightly through the changing leaves
that rustle in a gentle breeze. You and your groom stand hand-in-hand by the
lake at the local state park, surrounded by your closest family and friends.
You are holding a bouquet of seasonal wildflowers in front of your mom’s altered
wedding dress. He is wearing his favorite suit.

Your minister marries you as a flock of geese flies over the
glistening lake. After the kiss, you and your new husband wander together over
to the picnic shelter where your budget wedding feast is waiting. Since you
saved so much money by choosing an outdoor wedding with a small guest list and
modest attire, you are able to splurge on a catered gourmet picnic lunch.

With your beautiful trio wedding ring set on your fingers at last, you are both able to relax and enjoy the moment
together with a small, intimate group of guests. Unlike many couples, you
actually are able to sit down and enjoy your own wedding food. While you are kicking
back with the people you love most, your favorite wedding photographer will continue
to take breathtaking pictures to help you remember this day for years to come.

You and your guests savor the fresh air and sunshine while
eating pan seared lemonfish, grilled asparagus, a mixed greens salad with
apricots and toasted hazelnuts, and a crisp white wine. For dessert, you chose
the nicest bakery in town to make a luscious almond wedding cake topped with
raspberries. And before you know it, it will be time to depart on your budget honeymoon!

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