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Best Budget Wedding Dances

When you are planning a budget wedding, one challenge is tofind
the best prices and prioritize your hopes and dreams without scrimping oncreativity and individuality. If you can find a good deal on your receptionmusic, one fun way to express yourselves as a couple is during the dancing. Youhave a groom. You have
a date. You have a venue. You have an inexpensivewedding ring set. Now is the time to plan the dances! Here are a few creativeideas to get you started.

1. The Whole Wedding Party Dance

If you have a wedding party that is made up of good dancers,or at least people who would be willing to get out there and try, then youmight want to recreate something like this couple,who
started their first dance as a married couple to a sedate slow dance, butone minute in broke out into a snappy number from “Grease,” with the assistanceof their entire wedding party. A dance like this could be choreographed with alive band or with a
DJ, depending on your budget and music preferences.

2. Father - Daughter Dance

If some members of your wedding party have two left feet ora little bit of stage fright, how about Dad? Would he be excited about makingsome moves for a memorable father - daughter dance at your budget weddingreception? This dad has very smooth moves and appears to have a playful sense of humor as he danceshis daughter into her new life. The father – daughter dance is a time when mostof the attention is on the bride, her wedding gown, and her
inexpensive weddingring set. It is a great time to shine and express some originality.

3. Bride and Groom Dance

How well does the new bride and groom work together? Thiscouple shows off their romantic side when they start dancing slowly to “UnchainedMelody.” Then all of a sudden, the
couple breaks into a marvelous rendition of “BabyGot Back,” with wild cheers from all of their guests.

Plan an original budget wedding today!

Photo credit: Nuno Duarte

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